Friday, March 21, 2014

Dov Shurin strummin' his guitar under a tree in Lizhensk, today


 It's a long way from חברון to ליזענסק, Dov!  And besides, what would your zeide say about you (leaving the Holy Land) to travel to Lizhensk? You living so close to so many gutte erter in Eretz Yisroel, why would you travel to blood-soaked Poland? Off with the galut mentality!


Anonymous said...

What do you mean?? Holy brother Dov, as a die-hard misnachel, is now on the front-lines of NATO advancement to the Polish-Ukranian border.

Bichlal it's surprising that no one is writing on the Chadeiri-Chabad positions on the Russian-Ukranian fiasco. We know that Rabbi Lazar is pro-Putin (see footage of Lazar at Putin's "reunification" ceremony in Moscow) - vs. Rabbi Bleich who is pro-Ukranian, etc. But what is the positon of Chabadniks like Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky of Dnepapotrosk, or the other shluchim of Ukraine - or the Breslovers & Slonimers etc. of the Ukraine for that matter?

This desrves a thorough piece.

-- ZIY

Anonymous said...

oh come on.
Lazar is "pro putin" only because of political pressure etc. Same with Bleich
I do not think the shluchim have a "position". Some may be happier with Russia/Ukraine for a number of reasons, but i think most would rather the whole think be over. It just causes problems

Ich Glieb said...

the holy Rebbe of Klauzenburgh, said that he is definite that all buried tzadikim left Europe to Israel after Euriope became Judenrien...
No reason to go there

ר' דוב, מקומך הוא בליטא said...

Hawking the Gutnick chumash, and now this?

He was in Uman a few years back too.

I thought he said he was a chossid of the Ribboinoi shel oilam.

Wolofsky said...

Ich gileb... The K rebbi said MOST צדיקים , but not all ie reb elimelech, rebbi nachman ... The rosh kollel-dayan rav YSSchecter took a large contingent to lizensk this year.

More photos of Reb Shurin there said...

עד מתי said...

וואס טוט א ליטוואק אין ליזענסק? נעבעך, געווארען פארלוירען

ר' דוב, בבקשה, חזור בך