Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some of us have a hard time letting go of YomTov

The minhag of ending a Yom Tov with the same acts as the opening of the Yom Tov is a minhag for itself.  In Satmar they do נענועים with the Sefer Torah.  Many Chasidim read the הגדה at ne'ilas haChag. In Slonim they do hakafos with חומשים on Shabbos Bereishis, and in Chabad (u probably heard about it since they like to hang posters) they drink ארבע כוסות by Seudas Moshiach. It's some kind of instinct by Jews. Maybe they can't depart from Yom Tov;  They need some achiza grip on the Yom Tov at the end. We're a very unique people, ב"ה.


'חסידות מלוקטת עמ"ס סוטה - מס' ד

לכבוד ימי הספירה we bring you some of Reb Akiva Shavrick's latest work: Chassidus Meluketes on Maseches Sotah

Sunday, April 20, 2014

'הוספה לחסידות מלוקטת דף ד

לכבוד ימי הספירה we bring you some of Reb Akiva Shavrick's latest work: Chassidus Meluketes on Maseches Sotah

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pravda 2014 - Red Journalism is alive and well in Rabbi Mottel Neustdat's world

A reader writes:

 Reb Tzig: this is a new book revising the history of the Jewish revolution in Russia. There is no mention of chabad shluchim at all. 500 chabad shluchim with mosdos covering all of the former USSR are not mentioned. All chabad chasidim from the era of the Frierdiger Rebbe to the Rebbe are not mentioned. When they did this kind of hagiography about Torah in the USA they ignored the Frierdiger Rebbe and the Rebbe, but at least in the US there is still some logic to such glaring omissions, you still had a big Yeshiva world that will give credit to RAK etc... Rabbi Berel Wein (who is ironically now ostracized by the charedi world) did alot of their farbisene dirty work.. But in Russia, where there all they have is 3 holes on 4 walls... to ignore Chabad... is real old fashioned Pravda journalism. Nothing less. Did Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon know in 1976 how many mikvaos were functioning in the USSR? Was he interested to know how many shochtim there are Leningrad? Did Rav Pam have Jews traveling from city to keep the fire of Torah burning, under the noses of the KGB? Did they stay up nights crying about their brethren in the USSR?.... It's simply shocking that in 2014 such obvious lies should be printed in hard cover form by a Jewish, frum, publishing company. Whoever they may be. But anything goes and no holds are barred when it comes to bashing Chabad, even if it is by omission only.