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!!ראו זה דבר חדש

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

HaRav Reb Chaim Sofer gives his blessing for expansion

In this sefer'l - compliments of the $1 table at Pinter's in BP - they have an article that was printed in the Belzer periodical אור הצפון about Reb Yitzchok Tzvi Ratzersdorfer, a talmid of the כתב סופר. A businessman. Having made a fortune from the diamond trade with Belgium he decided to move there.  The traveling from Vienna, where he lived, to Antwerp was too much for him. His father was shocked, Belgium was then a מדבר שממה in terms of Yiddishkeit. He took him to the holy Reb Chaim Sofer, בעל המחנה חיים, the king of all the kanoim, the Reb Chaim of Hungary, to ask him for his approval on his son's plan to move. Reb Chaim said:  "Lech lecho, ואעשך שם לגוי גדול.... If you leave your parents' country, וועסטו דארט אויסוואקסען א גרויסע גוי. In other words don't go! So he stayed. A while later Ratzersdorfer met Reb Chaim again. Reb Chaim asked him what were you thinking? to go live in a place with no mikvah? No kosher meat? No Chinuch for your sons and daughters? Ratzersdorfer answered humbly I will start with all religious matters from Amsterdam a few kilometers away, then I promise to build a kehilah there in Belgium. I'll bring a frum Rov, I'll build a mikveh, I'll build a Shul, and I'll bring an erliche melamed for my kids. The Rebbe will realize that I'll make everyone proud. I won't bring shame onto the family...Then Reb Chaim agreed that he go. At the same time he mentioned to Reb Shia'le Belzer Reb Chaim's argument against going. The Belzer Rov also agreed if he will do his master plan to build orthodox Jewry to Belgium then he can go. The rest is history.

וכך הווה

חב"ד סטראשעלע

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Thank G-d! We have people like this to show us how G-d's Torah is correct. What would we do without him? We might have ספיקות...

And it make such perfect sense too, right? I mean droves of two and three year olds left Yiddishkeit due to the Haskoloh and Zionism, right? They had a million and a half members of children in those groups, right? I think what's missing in this man's life was a bissel Chassidus. That way he would see that not everything has to make perfect sense to him. And that's what's most important in life is not that HE understand everything according to his שכל. And then he wouldn't say such things and publish them! I guess that's what growing up in America does to you. All that Hershey's chocolate and Entenmann's cakes gets to your head and heart. מטמטם את המוח ואת הלב. Your mind thinks such thoughts and your heart is too farshtopped to stop your heart from thinking such thoughts.

Monday, August 15, 2016

When the holy Brezhner Ruv R' Shulem Neuschloss met the holy Skverer Rebbe...

And told him His uncle Reb Moshe the Ruv of New Square gave cake and spirits in Shul the day he turned 70. The holy Rebbe acts shocked. I wonder why he's so shocked. He doesn't know what his zeide did, and his father, nebach, didn't reach that stage in life, so why be shocked? Maybe it's a good thing? How many times have we proven here that many, many Tzaddikim celebrated - or at least observed - their Yom Holedes?

(l/h column second paragraph)

Friday, August 12, 2016

חינוך עצמאי דינער - 1956-תשט"ז

Via Matzav

Highlights include: Irving Bunim "twists" Reb Yoshe Ber's arm and gets him to speak despite telling him beforehand that he wouldn't. Reb Yosher Ber speaks of the extremists who tried to keep him from attending this dinner. I assume he means his friends in the Mizrachi? I'm surprised they publicized this video. I'm sure the more קנאות'דיגע elements among the Yeshivishe - even some of RAK's descendants - are not very happy.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


מקדש מלך עיר מלוכה
טאטע שענק אונז אביסל מנוחה
ס׳מיר דארט מער ניחא
א דירה סרוחה אונטער דיין שויס מידך הפתוחה

קומו צאו מתוך ההפיכה
אוי! די דאלאר-געטשקע, דער עגל מסיכה
לאמיר קערן א וועלט, לאמיר מאכן א מהפיכה
!גענוג שוין אין קאלומבוס'עס עמ-ריקה וחשיכה

רב לך שבת בעמק הבכא
גענוג גע'בוכה'ט בבכייה ואנחה
גיב זיך א הייב מיט דער גאנצער משפחה
כי שם ציוה השם את הברכה

,והוא יחמול עליך
,נאר אהין גיי איך דא פארשטיי איך
!שוינישט שייך, ירושלים
!פתחי שעריך ובירך בניך

 לכה דודי לקראת כלה
!מ׳פאקט פעק - קומו ונעלה
מיר פליען קיין ציון - בלי שום שאלה
!ברידערלעך אהיים, אהיים שוין אלע

בן יעב״ץ
 גולת עירמונט ע״ש חזון ע״ו

די קארלינער און סלאנימער אין טבריא - היו ימים

A little piece of history about the Stolin-Slonim cold war in pre-State Tiberias and how Rav Kook and Reb Moshe Kliers, darling of the zealots, got together to help end - albeit temporarily - an ongoing feud between the two Chassidic groups in Tveria. It's also a good story because it explains why the Slonimers afforded to be zealots. מ'רעדט פון ר' מאטל - נישט די נתיבות שלום און זיינע ציונים. You might say it was because they didn't work for a living and didn't have to face reality. They learned in Yeshiva Or Torah, got stipends from the כולל חלוקה, while the Karliner had jobs. Imagine that. Jobs. Can that have something to do with the Slonimer coming up with the phrase געמל'טע פערד on the Karliner Chasidim? It may pre-date that. The funny thing is they both come from the holy Reb Shlomo Karliner's cheder, so why fight? And as is usually the case, much of this kind of behavior happens today as well. Those who don't work for a living have all the time in the world for קנאות and solving the world's problems.

Or you can chose to ignore this story because it comes from ציוניסטישע קוועלער.
For more on the רך הנימול see here

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Topics we didn't cover here in the not-so-distant past. Not necessarily in order of importance (add any I missed [in the comments])

1) The Crown Heights Eruv.
Is it about the eruv, really? Or is it a generation of young people who in general want life/Yiddishkeit to be easy. They say they follow the Rebbe's directives, but that the Rebbe, being the ultimate "nice guy," would definitely allow an eruv to be put up these days, since the women are holed up at home all Shabbos. Is the fact that they're doing this after decades of a status-quo a de-facto rebellion against the Rebbe? I guess we should be happy that they're trying to do things within the realm of Halochoh.

2) Reb Lazer Berland and his plight/flight.
Not so much about whether or not he's guilty of the crimes that they accuse him, but more so the defense that his people put up for him. That the Tzaddik can be guilty of such sins and still be a Tzaddik. Something like that. His heavy avodah is beyond dispute, learning and davening. But who decides who's the Tzaddik of this Breslov generation? Meaning, his people say he's the Tzaddik and his actions cannot be questioned; but who told them so? (I never actually sat down and listened to a full-blown defense of him.) Or that this is all about them against us. The Ashkenazi old guard of Breslov vs. the new-age Baalei Tshuvah/Sefaradim.  That they never accepted him or what he did over the years, and now they're getting their revenge on him for "destroying" Breslov. The funny thing is that most of them are as new to Breslov as R' Lazer is. Most of them are stam Litvaks who couldn't take a living Rebbe so they took Reb Nachman. You had Reb Levi Yitzchok Bender and R' Michel Dorfman, but the rest? Were they not all tzugekummener?

3) Secular education in NYC Yeshivos
The real issue here is that the people pushing for change are not our friends. They don't have our best interest in mind. You might say that they have nothing but our downfall in mind. Will they be happy if all yeshiva kids get a HS/Regents Diploma? One wonders. And if so, if it's not our well being that they have in mind, how can we endorse their efforts? This is besides the fact that they paint all Charedi schools with the big, broad brush. I also find it ironic that most of these guys - the guys that left the Haredi world - caught up to the big world, (as if the masses that go through the US education system are beacons of intelligence and understanding), despite their lack of education in yeshiva, so what's the big deal? Within a few years in the great, big world you can sound and look like any Bernie-loving hipster anyway!

There are more, I just figured I'd put these 3 out there for now.

Monday, August 8, 2016

I used to think that the Milchig restaurants and dairy producers were making a mockery of the 9 days...

And let's not forget the newspapers, magazines and websites that enable them.... With their fancy ads and recipes. Cheese dripping and melting ice cream. But then I started paying attention to the Artscroll ads ------------- The ads that make you think it's Chanukah in August. I think it's worse. A lot worse. Because at least with an ice cream or fish ad I know that it's about the food. And I know that they're trying to get their market share. With the Artscroll ad I am lead to believe that they're helping me mourn. REALLY mourn. Mourn interlinearly, transliteratedly, and any other which way. From Soloveitchik to Kanievsky, (Sorry, they don't do Soloveitchik) and anything in between. But it's not. Take your .75c kinos, and maybe buy a מדרש איכה with a פירוש. Anything else is just wrong. You can even learn הניזקין with the English Artscoll, but don't do anymore than that. If you do you're just a pawn in their evil chess game.

ויה"ר שיהפכו ימים אלו לששון ולשמחה

Friday, August 5, 2016

Historic images - The Gerrer Rebbe in Trieste, Italy on his way to Eretz Yisroel - c. 1923

Next to him is his shvogger the Bendiner Rov. I'm not 100% certain about the dates. Did the Imrei Emes visit EY in 1923? It sounds right, just not sure. We can look it up and verify.

From Wiki:
בשנת תרפ"ד (1924) ביקר פעם נוספת בארץ, והסביר כי "כמו חסיד שמוכרח למדי פעם לבקר את רבו" כך הוא "מוכרח בכל כמה שנים לבקר את האם - ארץ ישראל".לנסיעה זו הצטרפו גיסו רבי חנוך צבי לוין מבנדין, חתנו יצחק מאיר לוין והאדמו"ר מסוקולוב-קוצק רבי יצחק זליג מורגנשטרן. ביקור זה נמשך כשישה שבועות שבהם ביקרו בירושלים, צפת, טבריה, חברון, ותל אביב[] ועודדו את החסידים העולים שנתקלו בקשיי פרנסה. במהלך הביקור רכש יחד עם חסידיו מקרקעין בשכונת קריית שמואל בטבריה, ומלוויו השתתפו בסיור במקומה העתידי של בני ברק יחד עם מייסד העיר יצחק גרשטנקורן. לאחר חזרתו לפולין אמר: "דעתי היא, שאם יעלו עכשיו לארץ ישראל כחמש מאות משפחות אמידות מאנשי שלומנו, נכבוש את הארץ בחומר וברוח".. במהלך ביקורו זה ניסה ללא הצלחה לפשר במחלוקת בין הרב קוק והרב זוננפלד

'קונטרס 'אגרת מבוארת' - חלק ח

ב"ה. ער"ח מנחם-אב ה'תשע"ו שנת הקהל
 !שלום רב
 בשעה טובה ומוצלחת הננו מוציאים בזה גליון שמיני של 'אגרת מבוארת', לקראת ש"ק פ' מסעי-חזק, אנו שמחים לצרף בזה את הקונטרס לעיונו של כת"ר. הקונטרס כולל הערות כ"ק אדמו"ר זי"ע על הספר 'קרית ספר', לרבינו המאירי ז"ל, מהדורת הרב הרשלר ע"ה. הנושאים הנידונים בקונטרס זה: 1) סיבת כתיבת החיבור. 2) כתיבת ס"ת ושם ה' לשמה. 3) הפטרות תלתא דפורענותא ושיטת רבינו המאירי בזה. ​נודה לכת"ר על הערותיו והארותיו, הן על גליון זה בפרט, והן על אופן העבודה בכלל, כדי שנוכל להוציא דבר מתוקן מתחת ידינו, לכבודו של כ"ק אדמו"ר זי"ע. בברכת חודש טוב​,​​ ויה"ר שיהפכו ימים 
אלו לששון ולשמחה​ בב"א

 מנחם מענדל גרינפלד

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Today's Pics - Farbrengen, 11 Nissan 5737/1977

י"א ניסן תשל"ז...ווען וועלט איז נאך געוועזן וועלט, ווען ס'איז נאך געווען פון וועמען צו הערן א אידיש ווארט, ווען מ'האט.... You get the point. Oyyyy. Top picture l-r sitting: Reb Uziel Chazanov, Reb Berke Chein, Reb Yankev Yosef Raskin, Reb Berel Baumgarten. Standing Reb Yankel Lipsker and Reb Hirshel Kotlarsky.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lubavitch: City of Love

Hirshel: I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. This is from a Radio program in January of 1980. Contains audio content of Rabbis J.J. Hecht, Imannuel Schochet, and I think also Reb Simcha Zirkind O"H - plus Professors Branover & Brawer She'Yichyu, [and many others that I can't identify] 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ביי די לייטנער האטעל אין מאריענבאד

משמאל רי"מ מקאפישניץ, רבי ישראל מוויזשניץ במרכז

משמאל למעלה בנו רבי חיים מאיר זצ"ל

רבי ישראל מוויזשניץ, בנו רח"מ באמצע,(עם הברילען) שני משמאל רי"מ מקאפישניץ, מימין רבי שמחה פרענקיל תאומים מסקאווין