Friday, October 12, 2018

Seeking info on one Pinchas Schneersohn, last of Berditchev

Received via e-mail:

I am trying to identify Pinchas Schneerson. In the attached photo R-L Chaya Ita Twersky, daughter of Admur Shlomo Benzion of Chernobyl. She married her mother's brother Yehoshua Elazar Chodorov son of Zalman Chodorov of Berdichev;  Sarah Chodorov daughter of Zalman Chodorov Admur of Berdichev - Married a Schneersohn, Pinchas Scheersohn - was he the husband of Sarah Chodorov? Who was his father? He was from Retchica (Belorussia - white russia) - Killed by the Fascists with wife and 3 daughters in Berdichev. עד כאן

I was thinking this was Pinchas Schneersohn, son Yehuda Leib, son of the Retchitcher Rebbe, Reb Sholom Ber, son of Reb Yehuda Leib of Kopust, son of the Tzemach Tzedek. But that Pinchas died in the Holy Land, and it didn't seem like he had three daughters. There also does NOT seem to be such a Pinchas in the ספר הצאצאים - which is the source for all things Schneersohn. But then again, the letter is from a cousin who would know about this.

See letter below. Any and all would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at


myVelt said...

Go iVelt go.. get to the bottom if it.

מ.י. זוננפעלד said...

פנחס שניאורסון (1893 -ז' סיוון ה'תשל"ד מאי 1974) היה מחלוצי העלייה השנייה, איש ארגון השומר וממייסדי ארגוני ההגנה בתקופת היישוב

בשנים האחרונות לחייו השתתף בראיון עם הצאצאים (איגוד הצאצאים של אדמו"ר הזקן) בשידורי ישראל

אחר קום המדינה עבד שניאורסון בשירות המדינה. נפטר ב-1974 והובא לקבורה החלקת "השומר" בבית הקברות של כפר גלעדי. גם אשתו אסתר (1901 - 1976) נקברה שם

כתביי: בשורה הראשונה, הוצאת ספריית פועלים, 1978
מאחורי הקיר, ספר השומר, הוצאת דביר, 1957, עמודים 81-82
פרשת נצרת, ספר השומר, הוצאת דביר, 1957, עמודים 220-222
מאורעות תל חי, ספר השומר, הוצאת דביר, 1957, עמודים 241-2511929,
ספר השומר, הוצאת דביר, 1957, עמודים 395-399

מ.י. זוננפעלד said...

נולד בעיר רציצה ברוסיה, ליהודה לייב שניאורסון, בן האדמו"ר שלום דובער שניאורסון (מרציצה) - נכד הצמח צדק, ולביילה, בת הרב מרדכי שניאורסון מויטבסק גם הוא נכד הצמח צדק

Dr. Twerski said...

Via: "Chaya Ita Twersky, daughter of Admur Shlomo Benzion of Chernobyl"

Rebbe Ben Tzion Chaim Shlomo Meshulam Zusia Twersky. Hornisteiple Denver Rebbe

Date of Death: Wed. October 21, 1981 - Tishrei 23 5742 
Simchas Torah

בן ציון חיים שלומה משולם זושא ב"ר יעקב ישראל

Just maybe said...

The famous Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twersky of Pittsburgh and his son Dr. Ben tzion Twersky Brooklyn, they are both very knowledgeably of their famous ancestors, if you can contact them I'm sure they can help .

JM said...

I tried to concetrate on who is who and who he is not, and it created a mushroom like effect in my brain so i degressed, but I'm sure the Holocaust Museums worldwide have already instituted face recognition technology identifying photos with names of the perished, or by DNA, If not it maybe time for some fund raising perhaps.

my 2 pence said...

Nevel'er writes: "He was from Retchica (Belorussia - white russia)".

Retchica rhymes with רציצה

GoBro said...

Post the photo on the Jewish Heritage Foundation facebook page..

or maybe contact the JTS:
Historical Texts in Context..

Shomer Yisruel Benovelant Ass. said...

seek: "Seeking info on one Pinchas Schneersohn,"

Depending on the policy of the police department, you may be asked to wait a sufficient amount of time (24 - 72 hours) before they will take your report. once the report received, they decide how to proceed.

Emes Emes Tirdoif said...

all this families,
Bobov, Satmar,Chodorov,Chebiner, Milwaukee Denver have no real relationship with the Alte Rebbe
they are against learning chasidus, they dont follow the nusach, the takunass, the pillars of the alte rebbe does not talk
the alte rebbe is only good for them, for their chasuna invitation to look longer....and some long stories of the AR with no chabad taste.....
Its all the opposite what they alte rebbe stood for...
they are good jews, I am not debating that chas veshulem,
The Alte Rebbe told rebbe reb burechel,
you are a physical grandson, but I am the spiritual einikel..
the Alte Rebbe was kuloi ruchnius, kuloi chasidus, a young bucherel learns a piece of tanya and a piece of biur of reshab in chasidus, is in tune with the Alte Rebbe vs. the phisycal einiklech who were anti all what the alte rebbe stands for
the Tzemach Tzedek is writing in his letter to his son who married in to chernobel......

kudos said...

Oh Wow.

ET said...

The alte rebbe said this, the neia rebbe said that,
and you are saying what--👂

Spīritus Sānctus  said...

Thirdoff: "and a piece of biur of reshab in chasidus".

Spiritual einekel, can we have a spiritual biur on the reshab's opinion on the following:

ה'מהרש"ב ז"ל היה הראשון שהשתמש עם השלוש השבועות כטיעון נגד הציונות, "ומכאן ואילך החל טיעון זה להיות רווח כארגומנט אנטי־ציוני מובהק בקרב החרדים במזרח אירופה". הוא חשש כי מטרת הציונות היא להחליף את המסורת היהודית כיסוד והעיקר של עם ישראל ב"לאומיות". -רש"ב, אגרות קודש א, עמ' רו

Chaim said...

my name is chodorow i wonder can you tell me more about the chodorow branch?