Tuesday, January 15, 2019

בארא-פארק סקווערער רבי זצ"ל

רבינו הקדוש by on Scribd


Vidal said...

It's my understanding that before the satmar tainted soup chlamydia, and the "skverer" heimishe rukalach kitchen in mt. sinai hospital. There was "The" skvere rebbe of "Boro-Park", z"l. ved"l

LkwdGuy said...

Just a nitpick, Rav Yeruchum Olshin's shver was not Rav Binyamin Paler. I believe that was his brother's shver so I assume that entire quote is not from Rav Yeruchum Olshim, RY Lakewood.

קישקע'לע said...

הערה. דער סקווערער רבי ז"ל איז גיווען א בנש"ק אין אוודאי א היייגער יוד, אבער די טיטול "רבינו הקדוש" האט מען רעזערווירט נאר פאר 'רבי' אין פאר רב"י ז"ל

Mordke Kozmiński said...

Michael Cohen’s Prison of Choice: Well-Known to Jewish Offenders. for its "heimishe rugelach".

NYT: "The prison commissary sells skullcaps for $6 and offers a kosher selection that includes matzo, gefilte fish, "rugelach and seltzer".


לולא-מיסתפינא said...

מיסתפינא: התוארים" "מרן" "הרב" "רבינו" וכדומה

תגובה דאנארשטאג ינואר 24, 2019 5:39 pm


Zalman leib said...

Kishkele , who gave you exclusive right over the title rabeinu hakodosh? And how do you dare compare reb yoel to rabeinu hakodosh? He too was merely a banshak and a good jew.