Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"What's the Point of a One-Time Mitzvah?"

I know this puzzles many of you, and angers others of you, so here's an answer.


Obzerver said...

One answer is the conquest of eretz yisroel. On parshas matos i heard a shiuer from rav asher weiss where he says most ipinions are this a one time mitzvah. The tape is on kol halashon.
Much like satmar to my suprise.

Anonymous said...

A lubavitcher once pointed out to me how A ir hanidachas with one mezuza disqualified from being an ir hanidachas
What do we know about the koach of one mitzva?

yakov said...

The main thing it brings transcendent light to the world and to the person himself thus at least opening the gates in the klipah that person is in, so that he has more chances to get out.

yonah said...

Off topic
(but has nowhere else to discuss)


See link.
Seems Chabad has decided to "compete" with the very succesful Aish hatora tisha beav tapes.


Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

It's a long day, people need things to do.

Misnaged of Yeteryear said...

"Seems Chabad has decided to "compete" with the very succesful Aish hatora tisha beav tapes.

Chabad started the Kiruv industry, in every aspect and angle in that field, but since this Aish inc. went in to that business, Chabad is imitating them?
There was lectures in Chabad houses on that issue before Aish.

yonah said...

I did not say anything negative or positive about it.Although, i think the lubavitcher rabbi was saying something about the all day shiurim in shul were not lubavitch.unfortunately his rambling made me daydream and not get the point of why it was not lubavitch.Something i think about not blaming aveoros for the ongoing churban because the Rebbe said that everything has already been done for the rebuilding of the bei mikdosh? Makes sense that that is what he said?
Anyway, my point is also that chabad are quick to copy a successful operation/production by other jewish groups and there is nothing wrong with it, kinas sofrim is good, but than

yonah said...

I don't really get what you are saying.
Whatever the case, video taped lectures shown to large audiences on Tish beav is a project of Aish, I believe, and was not done before.
And there is nothing wrong with Chabad doing the same.
It does not matter who started kiruv, but the first large scale sending out of yeshiva boys to open yeshivas and bring boys to learn was done by the Novardoker yeshiva back in Poland.And the more groups and yidden involved the better because like this you can come up with better ideas