Sunday, September 29, 2013

If the average Satmar Chossid can keep such a schedule over 4 days ----- I tip my hat to him

See Here


Leroy said...

Explains your personal hishtadlus.
The Rebbe required only 48 hours straight.
Do they have a similar need as you to condemn non-conformists?

yankel said...

Who is Leroy? What does he want? How Are 10,000 parentche stuffers non conformists?
Anyway you have the wrong hat and they are not interested in it being tipped. Now if you were a goy, you could be the guest of honor at a tish, but as a yid you are useless.

Rodney chosid said...

the hours of the satmar schedule has many holes,
Davening in the morning started 11.30 am, so there was a good 7.5 hours for sleeping from the Alois....
dont fall in to their hogwash trap