Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some of us have a hard time letting go of YomTov

The minhag of ending a Yom Tov with the same acts as the opening of the Yom Tov is a minhag for itself.  In Satmar they do נענועים with the Sefer Torah.  Many Chasidim read the הגדה at ne'ilas haChag. In Slonim they do hakafos with חומשים on Shabbos Bereishis, and in Chabad (u probably heard about it since they like to hang posters) they drink ארבע כוסות by Seudas Moshiach. It's some kind of instinct by Jews. Maybe they can't depart from Yom Tov;  They need some achiza grip on the Yom Tov at the end. We're a very unique people, ב"ה.



Mechel Tee said...

as the Lubavicher Rebbe finishes off his holy Hagada...in chabad you don't say Chasal sidur Pesach...since it does not end....holy holy words

sigeter ruv said...

Bobov also has some special dance on shabos brieshis, but not this extent