Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Morning Links

Yeshiva Dropouts get caught supplying cheap ammo to the DoD
My Mother's Yiddish
The Economist: Shtetl's of the Mind


truth seeker said...

why did Belz pull back the edict of prohibiting women drivers?
just the secular media coverage?
who cares?
I am not getting it, does the Belzer rebbe want a job in the UN?

ein berliner said...

"Belzer rebbe want a job in the UN?"

his father was diplomatic, (image aware) not rebbe quality .

ZIY said...

What is not mentioned on the Lenny Lopate show is that Ephraim Diveroli is Shmuley Boteach's nephew. The Boteach family had been involved in weapons dealings for years. Both Shmuley's uncle & possibly father are in the business. So young precocious Ephraim was just following his family heritage, with Boteach chutzpah.


קליוולאנדער בעדער said...

זיע בעלמא

Rhodes scholar said...

The Boteachs also are surrounded by clouds of criminal behavior and embezzlement scandals where somehow no one is ever charged. That was part of the reason at least why 770 cut ties with "America's rabbi".

Packouz agav is the son of an Aish Hatorah rabbi

roach collar said...

your pi kapa beta is Scandalous