Thursday, February 11, 2016

Remember this post? This nightmare may very well come true soon

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We don't usually do politics, but why not a little? Lubavitchers are excited about just any PR. Whatever. We won't get into that. Yesterday they had posted letters from the Rebbe to Bernie, all about his Lubavitcher adviser from Vermont, and that he proclaimed Yud Aleph Nissan Education Day in Burlington. I don't think Bernie will become President, although he might well win the nomination. It seems like the forces that elected Barack Obama want Bernie to REALLY come and finish the job. But he still is an old white male, so he does have that going against him. Anyhoo, an old friend sent me a line with this old post from 2008, all about Judaism and Socialism. He leans that way, you see? he likes it when they Government confiscates from the rich and gives to the poor. That's because he'd rather be מקטיר קטורת than do a honest day's work. Not that he isn't forced to work at times... So he loved BHO and if Bernie gets elected; well, you can imagine his excitement then. Those were the golden days of this blog. Schneur, etc. So he asked me to post it again, and he promised me loads of comments. 



inter-maven traffic control said...

Hirshel one of your readers already posted the below even before you did.

Sanderwitzky the hassid¿
Thursday, February 11, 2016 5:40:00 AM

Bernie Sanders-witzky, the marxist revolutionary, and left-wing Hashomer Hatzair'nik, which in decades past established a socialist Worker’s Party seeking a bi-national state for "Jews and Palestinians" wins the Lubavitcher read settlers endorsement.. to settle 3 million arabs into greater israel. go figure¿

"In addition to his fight for the menorah display, the Chabad-Lubavitch research showed Bernie Sanders had expressed strong admiration for Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, also known as the Rebbe, the last Lubavitcher Rebbe considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century."

Roth&Co. said...

in the world of socialists , there is work for accountants?

teacher gitty said...

it depends in how much 2 x 2 is.

teacher gitty said...

H: "he likes it when they Government confiscates from the rich and gives to the poor."

When in Rome do like the romens do. when in China - do like the Chinese do.

פשעווארסקער said...

כ'הער אז דער שגץ איינער איז,אנ אפיקורס גמור

out-of-box think tank thinker said...

Bernie is a rebel rouser, in essence what happened to the bored GOP variety when trump joined them, happens in the "plagued" DMC party.. In truth bernie is winning young voters by promising to take down big banking business, and free education and health services for all! I mean who wouldn't vote for that! I mean I can become president if I can deliver that!!! But I can't and bernie can't either! and he can't win the WH either (not the least, that he's a Jewish marxist) But by him scoring votes on that topic alone! will be as like a madate for Hillary to act on, wich in fact are policies she belives in mostly but with a capitalistic realistic twist to it, but, does not dare to compaign on them, for fear of loosing the middle, who mostly wins.

DNC male chauvinism watch dog said...

what's also worth to observe, Hillary is adopting Bermies body language, gestures, and shouts which are similar but mannered, as of Trumps, which they believe will be the Republican nominee.. and she will have to face off.

noting said...

Tzig, I am for Hillary not Bernie, because I don't think an identified socialist can win the general election.

Stam, interesting Jewish identities all over.

Bernie's Jewish but his child's not, Trumps not Jewish but his daughter is. Hillary's step dad and son in law, Jews

שנארער said...

הרבי כותב: וואָרום נאָך אין מיטן ברען פון דער רעוואָלוציע אין רוסלאַנד האָב איך געקענט פּערזענלעך פיל סאָציאַליסטן, און צווישן זיי אויך גאָר ראַדיקאַלע, וועלכע זיינען געווען טיף ­רעליגיעזע מענטשן שומרי תורה ומצוה, שטאָלצירנדיק דערמיט און גלייכצייטיק פאַרנעמענדיק פירנדע פּאָזיציעס אין דער סאָציאַליסטישער באַוועגונג אין רוסלאַנד. אויב עס זיינען נאָך דאָ אַזעלכע וועלכע זעען דאָ אַ קאָנפליקט פון גרונט­אידייען, קומט עס פּשוט פון אומוויסן, אד"ג

ס'איז ריכטיג אבער סאצאליזים לייכט, ברענקט צי גיוואלדטאטן, אזוי האט דער נסיון באוויזן, חסד לאומים חטאת

Tevya said...

in the photo, on his face and manner he looks more like a kibutznik, than a boys scout..

rivky from midwood said...

nothing: "I am for Hillary not Bernie"

say what? isn't that 'something'¿

קובה-צער said...

did u mean Kibitznik ?

כהן מחולל said...

יע: מקטיר קטורת

כבר הותרה בבמה ב'אבאמא קרי

O'Malley's chief adviser said...

she campaigns to the feminine, when they hate her for not standing up to Bill or her step-father!, and to the male chauvinists who thinks she is not capable of standing up to men! without loosing it.. if she learns the ropes, she can conquer her mania, her inner paradox, (academia vs gut! Bush-Obama) and her opponents.

Anonymous said...

No Lubavitcher is endorsing him, even while they present that he storical information., the site publishing the letters, explicitly makes that clear. As a Lubavitchers I don't know anyone who would support Bernie, or any Socialist or Leftist for that matter. Let's not misinterpret what's going on.

janos, little Hungary upper WS said...

who is this guy in the photo, he looks like a lunatic.

gavriel CH said...

"We don't usually do politics,"

yea right.

YU Alumnae said...

I read once that the LR went to same college as Marx went, so he must of have knowledge of Marxism.

יששכר זבולון said...

הערשל נעם אראפ דעם בילד ער זעהט אויס וויא א מאלפע

CR said...

Which just goes to show that the wrong people are capable of doing the right things. And they deserve to be thanked and recognized.

That's all.

C. Halberstadt said...

"and he promised me loads of comments."

I'll give you my load.. you're right lubavitcher are looking for PR but, in reality lubavitche today is PR. they live in the now.. but they talk of the passed in present tense terms. the live the "past" wich they know little of, and the present both at once.. must be psychological torture.

JC kuptick said...

Bernie is a leading progressive voice on LGBT rights. is this what lubavitcher want?

bobby mook said...

?Hillary a gentile who admires Jews, or Bernie a Jew who abhors Jewishness.¿

Katz from chicago said...

Enough of the Bernie nonsense talk!. Let's talk about the real issues facing America..

prospect park bencher said...

Hirshel: "I don't think Bernie will become President"

Well, if you are going to make statements like in the above, than you go back into hybernation.. he can well become president c"v, what you want Dumb Trump?

In the News today:

"Bernie Sanders Is The Next President Of The United States (Of The Week)"

Here's where things stand.

"Yes, bruthas and sistahs, Comrade Bernie is on top, at least until the Clinton machine and Yale Law grad Hillary chews him up. Yes, the democratic socialist leads in fall head-to-heads!"

L'Chaim Peretz said...

Rabbi Noson Gurary, Reading the Talmud to Justice Scalia!!!

While Justice Antonin Scalia was known for his strong Catholic faith, he also found time to learn about other legal traditions – including Jewish law. Visiting the University at Buffalo Law School in 2002, he met with Adjunct Law Professor and Rabbi Noson Gurary and learned about what Judaism has to say on some pressing legal issues. Justice Scalia later wrote to Rabbi Gurary, expressing his appreciation of learning about Jewish law. 

סנהדרין נט, א. ואמר רבי יוחנן: נכרי שעוסק בתורה חייב מיתה! איי וויי

חגיגה יג, א. ואמר רבי אמי: אין מוסרין דברי תורה לנכרי, שנאמר "לא עשה כן לכל גוי ומשפטים בל ידעום!. האיסור הוא על הלומד והמלמד, וגם על ר' נתן גוראריה וד"ל

אך ביודעי ומכירי קאמינא אשר עליהם תטוף מלתי ולשוני

דברי קהלת said...

צבי וחמיד ורגיג:Those were the golden days of this blog.

אל תאמר מה היה שהימים הראשנים היו טובים מאלה כי לא מחכמה שאלת על זה

shregi favel said...

! או לדור ששופטים את שופטיהם

“When Israel has prisoners prostitutes and thieves,” Ben-Gurion said, “we’ll be a state just like any other.”

Instead they prosecute רבנים ואדמורי"ם who are not in-line with their חוקי העכו"ם and have the audacity to hunt them down and shackle them like הגרועים שבהם worldwide! this curse of a state has to be stopped! or else indeed all cheridim there are in danger! no kidding.

I would put forward that the 10,000's of their תלמידים should take to the streets in a civil un-rest against the cursed regime! who are not only against their rabbis! but against all of them.. it is not only these two giants they destroyed, but all of their talmidim!!!

נא לעורר רחמים מרובים עבור אחינו בני ישראל הנתונים בצרה הציונות ה"ה הצדיקים הרב ר' אליעזר ברלנד והרב ר' יאשיהו יוסף  פינטו  שליט"א

המקום ירחם עליהם, ויוציאם מצרה לרוחה, ומאפלה לאורה, ומשעבוד לגאולה השתא ובזמן קרוב

John Wayne said...

Bernardino Sanderwitzky, sounds like a Bolshevik to me.

cracker barrel said...

"A Spanish man didn’t report to work for six years, and no one noticed until he won an award"

The goat is looking to break that record, idk about the award waiting him though.

Yanover said...

Why do some lubavitchers readily love apikorsim better than their love for their frum brethren in willyB or Lakewood?

Prof Rhinebeck UCSF said...

YaY: "It seems like the forces that elected Barack Obama want Bernie to REALLY come and finish the job"

Years ago the socialistic anti-zionist Forward was the mouthpiece for the mostly Russian "Jewish Labour Bund" so was the Jewish anarchist paper, the "Freie Arbeiter Stimme" they worked together with the strong unions, and with the blacks. Those movements where defeated by conservitives, and in part by the strong opposition of anything remotely labeled communistic including socialistic, or anti-zionistic which the labour bond was.

Socialism not welfare, started to appear again in the Clinton and Bush years, and more so in the Obama administration, it seems no matter who will be our next president this trend will and most continue if the Global economy model should succeed, it's the ways and means how to make those policy changes that the parties and candidates disagree on, not on the basic principles.

President Obama being the progressive he is, and trying to correct the historical wrongs done to the blacks, realized that the natural alliance between the Jews and Blacks that once was in the Bund years, can and must be restored in order to succeed, (the ODA organization was the dominant factor of signing up a significant number of blacks early on in the Obama care health plan). when Obama wanted to relate his message of assurance to the jewish community in regards the Iran peace deal! he chose to have an interview with the socialistic and anti -zionist Forward !

Bernard Sanderwitzky parents where hard working Russian immigrants who must probably where influenced by the Forward and by the labour bond, which most probably was instilled in young Bernie as was into Pres. Obama, Bernie is a card carrieng socialist and a reformed Jew, who are mostly anti zionists. as the forward and pres. Obama are. the economical model to obtain their goal is here, and it seems to me that the politics of it is taking shape to.

Prof Rhinebeck UCSF said...

YaY: "That's because he'd rather be מקטיר קטורת than do a honest day's work"

That's a lie! (but I'll forgive you..) economic model of yesteryears was deliberately destroyed in favor for the mega giant corporations in order to compete with the world including communists, in favor of them, and in favor of the country! However that was not in favor of the "common man" who does an honest day work!.. Hence to continue both, global economy model, and providing to citizens who losing out because of it. Controlled socialism is the answer. which is not welfare, that's the road we are on for a long time, and that's where we are heading, embrace it with caution.

I. Mizrachi said...

Israel is Socialistic selectively, plenty of accountants there.. and not in prison I hope.

Prof Rhinebeck UCSF, staff said...

Bernie Sanders is quoted as saying about his childhood: “It’s not that we were poor, but [there was always] the constant pressure of never having enough money. … The money question to me has always been very deep and emotional.”

Alan Abbey, a reporter for the Burlington Free Press in the 1980s, described the milieu of post-Holocaust Jewish Brooklyn as having an acknowledged “outsiderness” combined with a strong sense of social conscience and a brute determination to survive. Abbey’s parents were of the same ilk as Sanders’, and he says the prevailing belief was that “[we are] here now” and “goddammit if [we] aren’t going to survive and prosper.”

Left-leaning, progressive, political thought was “in the air,” said Walter Block, a leading libertarian economist and a contemporary at James Madison, where he also ran on the track team with Sanders. “Most of our grandparents and parents had escaped either from Hitler or the Soviet Union,” Block said. “Everyone just took that view.”

correction: Bernie is of polish descent.

my man bernie said...

The national question

The Bund rejected the claims made by anti-Semites and Zionists alike, that there was such a thing as a world Jewry with a common culture or plight. It also opposed what it called “emigrationism”, the idea, supported by the Zionists, that the problems of the Jews could only be solved in a Jewish state in Palestine. The Bund argued that the Jewish state would be yet another class-ridden society in which Jewish workers would have to fight their Jewish bosses. The Bundists defended the right of Palestinians to organise against Jewish colonisation. In 1929, for example, the Bund defended the Palestinians riots, which were depicted by the Zionists as anti-Semitic rather than anti-colonial.

YU Alumnae said...

hirshel says: "I don't think Bernie will become President,"

Well their might be an issue here of the 3 oaths, so you maybe correct. think¿

ps: I'm sure the olem is not ready for a badatz, NKs, aguda shas, and the trimmings.. here in the land of the beave!

pie in the sky said...

tzig: "We don't usually do politics,"

and we don't "usually" lie either? because all I see here is overtly and covertly politics of some sort.

kuni lemel said...


"A register full of cash was stolen overnight from a dry cleaning store in Williamsburg, police said."

why will thieves need laundered money¿

kuni lemel said...

oh and this:

JPupdates news:

"Donald Trump said he would be “neutral” and “unpredictable” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, should he be elected president."

You-bet, just like JPupdates is. ha ha

אלי' דוד said...

ש: חסד לאומים חטאת

אזוי האט דער נסיון באוויזן אוויא מער מען איז אנגעוויזן אויף זייערערע חסדים, מוסדות אוויא פריוואטע מענטש'ן, גיבט זיי דאס א רעכט אריין צודרינגען אין די מטמטניות, און דערנאך אריין צו רעדען אין עניני חינוך. וד"ל

שעפטיל said...

איך גלויב אז א אידישער פרעזידענט אין די פאראניגטע שטאטן וועט ניט צו גיט זיין פאר אידן, אומעדום

sadya, New Haven said...

no: "Stam, interesting Jewish identities all over."

There is none Jewish identity of the Rotchild kind anymore, it is now mostly replaced by Israeli politicians, wich is becoming more and more transparent, Bernie in part is refreshing by being plain spoken, not tied into sentimental Israeli politics or Jewish politics.

Walt Whitman said...

In all honesty this Sanders show looks like a warning to the Rebublicans, if you'll continue destroying Hillary because she's to liberal, will get you instead the real thing.

josh, social studies said...

America needs immigrants from devloped countries, the problem is most of that countries have a economic social network for each citizen from cradle to grave, so why immigrate? building up the social entitlements here would help solve that problem, I guess.

bernie's shtick said...

Bernie the Shvartzer! What an expediant hypocritical politician, never let's a fight pass him.

Chicago Tribune:

"Arrest photo of young activist Bernie Sanders emerges from the Tribune archives

He ptotested in a sit-out that the school trailers kept black children in the area instead of sending them to white schools.

Sanders was arrested Aug. 12, 1963, and charged with resisting arrest.!

At the University of Chicago, he was a leader of the Congress of Racial Equality, a major civil rights group. News accounts from the time had Sanders leading protests over racial inequality."

News Today:
"Dolores Huerta, a civil rights leader who has endorsed Hillary Clinton, said Saturday that Bernie Sanders supporters shouted her down when she tried to offer Spanish-language translations at a Las Vegas caucus location -- including by chanting "English-only" -- ahead of Clinton's win in the Nevada Democratic caucuses."

Rabbi Valerie Lieber  said...

Rabbi Valerie Lieber:
"The Sanders campaign should take a page from Kennedy’s book and draw connections to the history of Jewish activism that has aided civil rights, led the fight for a 40-hour workweek and unionization!

and reopened the doors to immigration "remember Senator Jacob Javits and the 1965 immigration bill that emphasized "family reunification" over skill level!".

In my own experience from my home state of Indiana, "Bible Belt "Protestants have a deep reverence for Judaism" and if Sanders can create a narrative to capitalize on that, he will survive."

פורים רב הראשי said...

רבותי יש מנהיג לבירה, און זכות פון רבינס תפלות ביים קבר רחל, האט זיין פריינדע רביצן הילערי ק. גיהאט א תקימה איבער דעם תינוק שנשבה בערני, סווארט דעם סקווערער רבין גיטע צייטן אינם ווייסן הויז, נישט נאר חנוכה מיטן ספאנדיג, נאר זיי ווארטן אז סוועט זיין פורים א גאנץ פורים א גאנץ יאהר אויך, נו לחיים

NK International said...

Bernie Sanders Wanted to Abolish the CIA

"Forty years ago, a 29-year-old Bernie Sanders called for abolishing the CIA. He was at the time running for U.S. Senate as a member of the Liberty Union Party, which called the military’s draft “a modern form of slavery.”!!!

Tell that to the Israelis Big Bernie!

Belsky einickel said...

Sanders goes to "church" for votes! (not synagogue)

When Sanders and Jealous "stopped by a black Baptist church" in West Columbia earlier in the day, where The New York Times described the response as “muted.”

lay down comic said...

"This Man Has Been Trying to Live Life as a Goat"

And this "goat", is trying to live like a man ? go figure¿

זאלקע פעפערקארן said...

דער בער איז א יודעו את רבונו ומתכוין למרוד בו, א משומד וואס האלט א לית דין ודיין, ס'קען קיין גיטס פון איהם נישט ארויסקומען פאר אידן

שלשלת said...

במסורה: פורים קטן, שושן פורים קטן, הערשל קטן'נט

בעלזער שייגעץ said...

הרבי "החדש" מערלוי שליט"א התחיל לקבל אנשים לקוויטלך! -נוסח תח"ס¿

בראשית ל"ד: לא נוכל לעשות הדבר הזה לתת את אחתנו לאיש אשר לו "ערלה" כי חרפה הוא לנו

רש"י: חרפה היא לנו - שמץ פסול הוא אצלנו

תרגם אונקלוס: "כי חרפה היא לנו" (בראשית לד יד) - "ארי חסידא הוא"! ערלויער-חסיד

goatee special said...

will the last one leaving, put the lights out.

goatee special said...

Ya: "and he promised me loads of comments."

yea he must of got a full load of comm. to shut up thiz goat!

Anonymous said...

He sounds exactly like Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro

Hannibal+Cannibal Forensic Accounting said...

The Silence of the "Lamb" is defening.

scott, golders green said...

B: "The New York Times described the response as “muted.”

Muted? Even the gentiles couldn't stomach the audacity of this burned berney, coming to church where a Jew never entered before, to beg them for a vote! how low would he go?

bertza schlagerfeld said...

Lieber Rabba Valerie says:

"40-hour workweek and unionization!"

Pardon my ignorance, will that make us more competitive with China?

"bill that emphasized "family reunification" over skill level!"."

What does that got to do with todays illegall emigration issues?

"Bible Belt "Protestants have a deep reverence for Judaism"

Yes for observant Jews maybe? The NYT reports that the the entire church went "mute" when this kind of Jew Mr Bernie.. entered the church! and I would venture to say it wasn't out of respect.

Noting said...

I told u, u'd get a lot of comments!!!