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'תורה מחזרת על אכסניא שלה - בבא מציעא פ"ה א

Yeshiva Torah Vodaath welcomes its new Rosh Yeshiva, Harav Reb Yitzchok Lichtenstein. That's ben Reb Aron, חתן הגרי"ד סולובייצ'יק זצ"ל מבוסטון. You heard it correctly. "JB"'s eynikel is the Rosh Yeshiva at Torah Vodaas. I'm told he's a זייער חשוב'ר יונגערמאן. A big lamdan and a ירא שמים. Seems to be a trend among the young princes of the Soloveitchik clan; they're going back to being Charedi. We saw it with Reb Moshe Twersky hy"d, and I'm sure there are others. We hear that young Yitzchok went right wing already as a bochur. He published his zeide Reb Yoshe Ber's הגדה של פסח. He married into the Grozovsky family of Monsey, so he's at home in Torah Vodaath, I suppose. (Reb Reuven was RY at YTV, for those of you who may not know) And a קנאי to boot. What remains o be seen is can he bring back some of the glory of YTV? The cheder is booming, and even mesivta is doing quite well. But when it comes to Yeshiva Gedola/Beis Medrash the rooms are empty. Looks like it's not cool to say you learn at Torah Vodaath. Or maybe there are too many Harries there? Seems like they need a Gadol that's gonna sit on the Moetzes to run it. A man who's gonna make baaleibatim/gevirim feel proud to know him. A Rav Pam, I suppose. Not sure if that's what they got in RYL.

יהא בואו לברכה להרמת קרן (ה)תורה (ודעת) - אמן


רב סמוט said...

זכות 'אבות' יגן עליו-ועלינו - נצח ישרא' מצרותינו דלנו - ומבור גלות דלנו והעלנו - לנצח על מלאכת בית ד

מאי מעתה ועד עולם אמר ר' ירמיה מכאן ואילך תורה [ודעת] מחזרת על אכסניא שלה. -ב"מ פה א

TV Grad said...

"We hear that young Yitzchok went right wing already as a bochur"

אמר מר כל פינות שאתה פונה לא יהו אלא דרך ימין. -יומא יז ב

Rav Yitzchok’s mother, Dr. Tovah Lichtenstein, is a daughter of Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik of Boston, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon

Dr. Tovah Lichtenstein has a BA from Harvard University and an MSW from Columbia University.  She earned a PhD from Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Tovah Lichtenstein has lectured in Israel and the United States on a wide range of topics, both in child welfare and Torah learning.

תנא על קראי קאי said...

הרב אהרן ליכטנשטיין, הכיר רבים מגדולי התורה בארה"ב, כמו הרב אהרן קוטלר, הרב יעקב קמינצקי והרב יצחק הוטנר, אצלו למד בגיל התיכון בישיבת 'תורה ודעת' ואותו כינה מורי ורבי

רב ליכטנשטיין שאב את דרכו מבית המדרש הבריסקאי, באמצעות רבותיו לבית סולובייצ'יק, אולם הוא הגיש דרך זו בצורה חדשה. "אם אצל ר' חיים מבריסק הכל מתחיל מקושיא. אצל הרב ליכטנשטיין הכל התחיל מהגמרא, מניתוח הסוגיא". י

Anonymous said...

1)His Shver was Rav Chaim ben Rav Reuven Grozovsky ZTL who lived in Boro Park and had a shtiebel 2)RYL learnt many years by Rav Dovid Soloveichik Shlita.

Hakarat Hatov said...

"R' Shmuel Knopfler a"h related what he had heard from Rabbi Nesanel Quinn, director of the renowned "Yeshivah Torah Vodaas" of Brooklyn, how when the Yeshivah was facing foreclosure because of lack of funds the Yeshivah administration turned to the Previous Rebbe for a blessing in Yechidus. The Previous Rebbe, in addition to his blessings, during that Yechidus gave them several thousand dollars in cash which enabled the Yeshivah to continue which it does to this day.! -AM Dyce

מרס. פישביין פלעטבוש said...

יהא בואו לברכה להרמת קרן (ה)תורה (ודעת) - אמן

see section: 7.0(3)I4(7.8) 347(a) - 368(c).:

אדמו"ר הריי"צ היה בקשר קרוב עם מנהלי הישיבה, ובאחת השנים בה התדרדר מצבה הכספי והיא עמדה בפני סכנת סגירה, השיג אדמו"ר הריי"צ את מלוא הסכום הדרוש לכיסוי חובות הישיבה והעביר אותו לידי המנהלים, ובכך הציל את הישיבה

כמו כן השפיע על מנהלי הישיבה למנות בראש הישיבה את החסיד ר' משה דובער ריבקין בוגר ישיבת תומכי תמימים ומחשובי חסידי רבותינו נשיאינו

בשנת תרע"ח התארגנה קבוצת עסקנים שומרי תורה ומצוות שהחלו לפעול להקמתו של בית ספר יהודי בוויליאמסבורג, בראשם עמד הרב בנימין וילהלם, ולצידו סייעו הרב זאב גולד מר מאיר בלום, מר צימרמן, עורך הדין מר בן ציון ווברמן, גברת הלברג, ומרת דבורה לאה קווין שנמנתה על גזע חסידי חב"ד

FYI said...

"His Shver was Rav Chaim ben Rav Reuven Grozovsky ZTL who lived in Boro Park and had a shtiebel"

He had a Kayllel, he wasn't a Chasidishe Rebbe with a shtiebel. The Kayllel davened sometimes too, yes.

After he was niftar it was sold to a R. Glick. At first it continued as a Yeshivishe minyan, but then he converted it to a Chasidishe shtiebel.

Burich said...

He seems to be a מושלם why than is hirshel writing "Not sure if that's what they got in RYL." קשיא

Anonymous said...

Contrary to the writer's thoughts, the bais medrash still has 150 people learning there daily. And there aren't harries there; they guys are good geshmak guys. The bochurim are well sought after when it comes to shidduchim. As a shadchan, parents often tell me that their daughters want a Torah Vodaas boy. I have been there to check out some boys and the bais medrash has a very nice "Kol Torah."

HS said...

A Brisker descendant of RYBS serving as Rosh Yeshiva of a Chassidus-rooted yeshiva with too many Harrys, that was saved by the Lubavitch Rebbe.

Now I've seen everything.

חלמידי ישיבה תורה ויראה said...

יהא בואו לברכה להרמת קרן (ה)תורה (ודעת) - אמן

ויאמר להם המלך חלום חלמתי ות'פעם' רוחי "לדעת" את החלום.. -דניאל ב ג

מצודת דוד: "לדעת" - הפעימה והחרדה היא על כי כלתה נפשו 'לדעת' את החלום השכוח ממני

reb duvid said...

post: "A Rav Pam, I suppose. Not sure if that's what they got in RYL."

Rabbi Avraham Ya'akov HaCohen Pam was the Rosh Yeshiva of the Torah V'Da'at Yeshiva in Brooklyn, New York

Served as chairman of the Rabbinical Committee of the umbrella organization of Jewish education in the United States "Torah and Masoret" and as chairman of the Council of Torah Sages of "Agudath Israel" in the United States.

Unknown said...

Isaac Balbin said...

He was also instrumental in publishing his Zayda's Torah (R' Moshe Soloveitchik), much of which was from his father R' Chaim, and lots of which had already been published by his Uncle, R' Velvel.

Berel said...

כמו כן השפיע על מנהלי הישיבה למנות בראש הישיבה את החסיד ר' משה דובער ריבקין בוגר ישיבת תומכי תמימים ומחשובי חסידי רבותינו נשיאינו

Extremely unlikely that this is true. Rav Rivkin was appointed in 1928. The Lubavitcher Rebbe who didn't even visit America until 1929 would have had very little influence on any decision being made by a Yeshiva there headed by non-Lubavitchers.

JS said...

The co-? former? Roshei Yeshiva got about 3 seconds of footage. hmmmmm

היום יום יארצייט said...

הרב שמחה אברהם הכהן שעפס. ר"מ ב'מתיבתא תורה ודעת, ברוקלין

מחבר ספר מורשת שמחת התורה : באורים על פרשיות התורה והמועדים : דברים שנמסרו לפני חבר תלמידים. ועוד

Most widely held works by Rabbi Simḥah Avraham Sheps

Sefer Moreshet śimḥat ha-Torah : beʼurim ʻal parashiyot ha-Torah ṿeha-moʻadim : devarim she-nimseru li-fene ḥever talmidim ... by Simḥah Avraham Sheps( Book ) 
1 edition published in 2002 in Hebrew and held by 3 libraries worldwide 

Sefer Moreshet śimḥat ha-Torah : beʼurim ʻal parashiyot ha-Torah ṿeha-moʻadim by Simḥah Avraham Sheps( Book ) 
1 edition published in 2002 in Hebrew and held by 3 libraries worldwide 

ha-Metivta ( serial ) 
in Hebrew and held by 2 libraries worldwide 

מתיבתא - ירחון תורני Vol. 1 Heshvan 5703 ( file ) 
in Undetermined and held by 1 library worldwide 

Moreshet śimḥat ha-Torah : beʼurim ʻal parashiyot ha-Torah ṿeha-moaʻdim ... by Simḥah Avraham Sheps( Book ) 
1 edition published in 2002 in Hebrew and held by 1 library worldwide

moished said...

Whatever happened with Rav Savitsky? Or is this a replacement for Rav Belsky?

zaza said...

Rabbi "Nesanel Quinn", director of the renowned "Yeshivah Torah Vodaas" of Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, and from what I have heard from R' Gottdiener, there were 3 Roshei Yeshiva which included Hagaon Rav Belsky zt"l. After his petirah, the yeshiva searched for someone to replace him as the third Rosh Yeshiva. Rav Savitzky is still the elder Rosh Yeshiva and gives the highest shiur. Rav Reisman is also very popular in the yeshiva and well known world-wide. He is also a Rosh Yeshiva. They needed someone like Rav Belsky who would live in the area and Daven there daily and on Shabbos and R Lichtenstein will be moving to Kensington shortly. Although a tremendous Talmid Chochum, no one can replace the greatness of Rabbi Belsky.

Anonymous said...

Smart move by YTV.

YTV has not had an ivy League talmid chochem wt the helmet since Rav Pam ztl.

Of course Rab Belsky ztl was a genius with a memory most anybody would envy and bekiyus in halacha seforim that few could could match. But halacha is not what Yeshivos teach. Has anybody ever heard a shiur in lumdis from him worth repeating? His lack of mesora, (Who was his rebbe muvhak? Reb Yaakov? Maybe? That's what the story books say. But will the TVers of old who remember tell you that they were really close?) his abrasive personality, his lack of an influence anywhere outside of his close circle of Talmidim (While he was alive, was he taken seriously anywhere in the Olam Hatora?).
Therefore the Yeshiva dwindled seriously under his leadership.

Rav Savitzky is a nice man. I'm not sure if anybody outside of TV has ever heard anything from him and can you honestly say that most in the Yeshiva have?

Rav Reisman is a super talented speaker and beloved by all. They gave him the RY position hoping it would attract more talmidim, but again, hes just not at that top tier .

So... Brilliant move TV!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Firstly, no, Torah Vodaath will not join the protests. Secondly, you disparaged Rabbi Belsky. I personally learned in the yeshiva, and he was the rock of the bais medrash. He was totally dedicated to the yeshiva and had many many Talmidim. Although the last 10 years he only gave the semicha shiur, previously he had given the chullin shiur, as well as a gemorah shiur. He was well sought out by the oilam hatorah here in the United States, and all heavy shailos went to him. Everyone always would ask - What is Rav Belsky's opinion about the copepods in the water? Or his shittah abt bugs in the water? Or the eiruv in Boro park? Any big psak came to his address. 506 East 7th street had people all night coming to meet with the Rosh Hayeshiva. Yes, R belsky was extremely close with R Yaakov Kaminetzky. Ask R Shmuel, he will tell you the same.
And yes, Rabbi Reisman is the Rosh yeshiva as well, but since he is the Rav of Agudas Yisroel of Madison, he can't be in the yeshiva 24/7. That is what is needed. By the way, my friends who are close to R Reisman say that all along he didn't want to assume to responsibilities that R Belsky had of carrying the yeshiva. He is a huge masmid and really just wants to learn. Those who know him well tell me how little he sleeps, as he balances his klal role of helping some people, counseling others, involving himself in kashrus or even Quicken loans, while at the same time always grabbing every moment to learn. It is well known that Rav Reisman stays up each Thursday night to learn the entire evening. He doesn't want to speak at every parlor meeting. He doesn't want to run to every chasunah or levaya to represent Torah Vodaath. I guess time will tell if R Lichtenstein can.
May the yeshiva be matzliach in their avodas hakodesh.

hee haw said...

The 'unknown' known.

! יחי said...


! יחי אדונינו מורינו ורבינו, יחי

לבלתי רום לבבו מאחיו ולבלתי סור מן המצוה ימין ושמאל, למען יאריך ימים על ממלכתו הוא ובניו בקרב ישראל

בתרגום: וּמִשְׁמָע ודוּמָה וּמַשָּׂא, שאנו שומעין חרפתנו ושותקין ונושאין עוּלָּם ודוממין. ועליהם אמרה תורה, אוֹי מִייִחְיֶה  מִשֻּׂמוֹ אֵל – אוי למי שיחיה במלכות ישמעאל. ע"כ. -מדרש בראשית כה יד, גם בפרקי דרבי אליעזר פרק כט

Oh said...


! אוי למי שיחיה במלכות ישמעאל

Survey: Nearly Half of Israelis Fear Holocaust Could Happen Again

"43 percent are reportedly concerned the State of Israel is in danger of being destroyed, according to a poll conducted by Tel-Hai Academic College."

King Louis XV IV said...

שלושה ימים לבכי "ושבעה להספד" ושלושים לגיהוץ.. מכאן ואילך.. Après moi, le déluge ?

King Louis XV IV said...

"no one can replace the greatness of Rabbi Belsky".

שלושה ימים לבכי "ושבעה להספד" ושלושים לגיהוץ.. מכאן ואילך.. Après moi, le déluge ?

משה וחצי said...

אשרי המאמין!

רב אשרי said...

ויאמר אנכי א' אביך הה"ד (משלי יד) פתי יאמין לכל דבר וגו'. מהו פתי נער שכן בערביא קורין לנער פתיא

משה רבינו, תכלית החכמה דקדושה – כל גדולתו שמתעצם באמונה פשוטה ולוהטת מעל השכל כפתי המאמין לכל דבר, והראיה, כשנלחם בעמלק מרים ידיו מעל ראשו ושכלו כדי לנצחו. ולואי שנזכה כולנו לאמונה מעל השכל לנצח את עמלק ולקבל פני משיח צדקנו