Monday, March 18, 2019

ספינקער רבי'ן זצ"ל הי"ד


H. Poplowitz said...

The Spinker Rebbe conducted a brief and fragmentary correspondence with George V of the United Kingdom, who sent him a letter during his illness (circa 1929), and the rabbi responded to him and asked for support for his yeshivah, although he did not respond. The king sent another letter, but died before the letter of response was written, he also sent a greeting to the president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and He sent him a letter of thanks.

*Henry Shonberger, What Saved the King: an Account of the Miraculous Recovery of His Majesty King George V of England. Anglo-American Book Institution of America.

*Yeshivat Or HaTorah, Chiddushei Oraita: Or HaTorah. Brooklyn, Elul 5743, p. 17

Shemuel Munkis said...

Stam, Hirschel, why the name Hirschel Tzig? (Yes I know the story of the BESH"T bu what does it have to do with you?)

J.B. Sexton said...

חלב ישראל - תגובה מיטוואך מאי 01, 2019 1:47 :iVelt

מיגו האט געשריבן: און פאר די וואס ווייסן נישט איז אין די יארן פאר די מדינה אפי' צווישן די רבני הציונית געווען קלאר אז א ממשלה באר"י איז אסור מטעם דחיקת הקץ כמבואר בדבריהם און נאר שפעטער האבן זיך זאכן געטוישט
. ?מקור

Rabbi Yaakov Rosenheim, the founder and political leader of the Agudah!. in the records of the Knessia: 

"The agreement of Agudah to the establishment of a state before the coming of moshiach is based on the rulings of the Gedolei Torah. However, those rulings depend on two basic conditions, which are far from reality and possibility";

1) the state must be conducted in accordance with Torah and tradition; 2) there must be peace with the Arabs. 

The second condition is in order to fulfill the oath against going up as a wall (Kesubos 111a). This oath forbids us to take any military action or conquest of the land against the will of the Arabs and the governments of the world. The oath prohibiting rebellion against the nations refers to revolution by military force .

I do not believe that under the current circumstances it is possible to have a state according to Torah law... I would consider the founding of a state to be a disaster and a misfortune." (Mikatowitz Ad Hei B'Iyar, p. 340).

AryehLeib said...

Hirshel where you disappear to? I miss your posts. Rav Landau Z"L , Skulener Z"L please continue. Best wishes a loyal reader.

JJJ said...

Fitting way to end this blog