Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Passing of Reb Nosson Kaminetzky, A"H (MOAG)

Yeshiva World informs us of the passing of Reb Nosson Kaminetzky, author of "Making of a Gadol," and Rosh Yeshiva at ITRI. He passed away on Shabbos Erev Shavuos at the age of 89. You wouldn't be exaggerating if you call him a revolutionary and ahead of his time. Here, we present you with two pictures of his father Reb Yankev's visit to Boys Town Jerusalem, where we see Reb Nosson accompanying his father (in the first photo.)


'הק said...

קטן וגדול 'שם' הוא ועבד חפשי מאדניו. -איוב ג יט

מצודת: "קטן וגו'" - ר"ל שם שוה הקטן להגדול ואין יתרון לזה על זה, ושם נעשה העבד חפשי מאדוניו כי לא יעבדנו עוד

Anonymous said...

I knew this story would awaken the Tzig from his slumber.