Thursday, June 13, 2019

סאסובער רבי זצ"ל

Nephew and son-in-law of the Satmar Rov - Reb Yoel. His mother was the Satmar Rov's sister. The original family name was Mayer, not Teitelbaum. He did not have children before his wife bas the Satmar Rov passed away in 5714/1954. He later remarried and had children. I came across this drawing and figured I'd post it - along with some pics for comparison. They made him look kind of like a movie character. He, unfortunately, passed away in his prime in 1966.

The movie character

Laying the cornerstone for his kiryah in Eretz Yisroel.


Shlemiel said...

Just remembered I was present in SR room Elul 1965, when a man from Israel handed a "kvitel" to the SR a personal shlicas from his SIL. The SR reads and kind of jolted from his heavenly dream and said to the man loud: what happened I thought he is feeling better! they continued taking quietly. the SR was that year in Israel and went to visit his SIL in the hospital they both cried when met, the Israeli newspapers reported the 'story' with headlines that blared: !ים של דמע

Hershel's Fineshmeker said...

His beard 'waive' style they used to call a קריעת ים-סוף בארד I know how a קמץ בארד looks like, or a ספירה בארד looks too, but I kind of imagining how would a מלחמות עמלק beared look like? I think a captured that waive now, but first I want to ask any suggestion?, oh and the 'wedge' in his beard in the painting looks deeper and wider than it actually was. it almost looks like the twelve tribes could fit in all together without any dividing lanes each in its own 'waive', very on real but really?.

!מורי ורבותי said...

די "נשא תורה" איז חי וקיים. - לדעתי [לדעתי] איז אסור צי גיין צום כותל ביז משיח וועט קומען

Yankee Doodler said...

A mexican sombrero hat penciled on a 'african' owl face, sorry but not Smithsonian quality.

Shlemiel said...

H: "He later remarried and had children."

which unfortunately became orphans at a young age, and the SR and the rebetzin supported them true their adolescent years and helped them otherwise, his son was a regular by SR in monroe and has a lot of intimate historic stories that the SR told him..