Wednesday, April 30, 2008

פיוס מונקאטש

After yesterday's post it seems like a little compensation is in order. Here's what a friend of Circus Tent sent us today, it was on E-Bay before Pesach, and it's a treasure. Many of the pictures were unknowns, at least I think they were.

(The Minchas Elozor in 1930)

(The Kabbolas Ponim for the ME's Son-In-Law - Reb Boorekhel - as he arrived to get married. He would later become Rov in Munkacs, and after the war drop the Rabbonus & Rebbistive. His son is Reb Moshe Leib, the current Munkacser Rov.)

(Reb Boorekhel's Reception)

(The aron of the ME is carried through the Munkacser Geselach.)

(More of the same)

(The Chakal Yitzchok of Spinka, Harav Yitzchok Eizik Weisz, Hy"d in Munkacs, presumably at the Levaya of the ME. On his right with long Peyos looking away is his son Harav Naftoli Tzvi of Bilka, Hy"d, who we showed here Al Pischo shel Gehenom Auschwitz).

(The Rebbetzin and her daughter at the Levaya, presumably.)

(The huge crowds that filled the Munkacser geselach to pay their last respect to their Rov.)

(The whole town seemed to be there)

(Kabbolas Ponim or - lehavdil - Levayah?)


J. said...

He didn't 'drop it all'-that is motzi shem ra. He stopped adhering to Hangarian fanatacism. He was still a yrei shomayim and shomer mitzvos.

Hirshel Tzig said...


my intention was not to imply that he dropped Torah & Mitzvos, but, rather, that he dropped the Rabbanus and Rebbistive.

Minkatcher Ainikle said...

Halt Shabbos, vet git zaan

Anonymous said...

These pictures are old pictures, all of which have been printed or publicised by Munkacser Chassidim. And BTW, you mixed pictures of the Levaya with pictures of the Chasuna of the ME's daughter in 1933.

Anonymous said...

The last 2 photos are from the Wedding reception of "R' Boorechel".

You can clearly see the ME in the last one. So this was not the "Last Goodbye"

Anonymous said...

kindly clarify which Machlokes is more Outdated (or irrlevent to feed it for todays youth)
The Gra Vresus The Basht?
The Munkatsh Versus Kook?
the Zionist Versus Jews

Anonymous said...

Re: the last photo.

Please get it straight. It is clearly a picture of the Kabolas Ponim for the choson, R' Boorechel.
If you have seen the widly ciculated video of that event you will recognize the occupants of the carriage including the ME himself.

Even the "ferd" are the same!

So why the sensation?

Hirshel Tzig said...

I've seen the book "Rosh Simchosi," but I don't recall seeing that particular picture.

Anonymous said...

these pictures make the 30's seem so real keep up with these photos the video of warsaw in color sent shivers down my back

havemeyer said...

i know i have asked this before but teh se photos bring the subject to forefront ... i am always on teh look out for pictures, info, seforim anything about reb dovid schlissel who i think was the muncaczer dayan? please correct me if i am wrong.

any info is welcome to



Jay said...

Never realized that these "shettleich" were actual cities. Please post some Lubavitch pictures circa 1940-60's

thank u

Milhouse said...

Munckatch was a city. Lubavitch was takeh a derfl — such a hick-town that it didn't even rate a railway station. As everyone knows, to go anywhere one had to take a carriage to the station Rudnye. There's a map in Lubavitch Vechayoleho, in which one can see that the whole Lubavitch was basically two streets.