Friday, August 23, 2013

א שיעור אין "קנאות" פון סאטמאר רב זצ"ל

קנאות איז נישט קיין תירוץ אויף צו זיין א רשע-אכזר



Yoeli Farkash said...

This Torah is part of a batch of torahs that he said on the movement who rebelled against his leadership, they were ostracized by him and they were expelled from all their shuls. Rabbi Lietner was the head of that movement that was named "De Shvartze".Extreme movements always create some hot heads who take words that were said in deep moods of rage and hype literally. So they went against his leadership,he felt very embarrassed by them, he felt his image gets tarnished in to a terrorist cult.He was very sensitive how he was perceived by others.

Lakewooder said...

Is this printed in the regular seforim of his?

FrumJew said...

Dont be so judgemental