Thursday, December 26, 2013

להבין הקושיא... למה לא נתגלה תורת הבעש"ט בימים הקדמונים

This Maamar was brought to our attention by the blogger at, who saw it in - believe it or not - in the sefer "ים החכמה" by Reb Itche Meir Morgenstern. This is from last year's תורות. RIMM quotes a whole long shtikkel from the Rebbe נ"ע, and truth be told, I had a hard time believing it, so I went and looked it up. First on nittel, only to realize that it was nittel, and then again now. It's from a מאמר ליחידי סגולה that was said in 5663/1903, and it's not the usual style, that's for sure. After answering the first קושיא the Rebbe goes on to explain why the Chevlei Moshiach started davka around 1891, using the Rabbeyim and their accomplishments as points in time. How the fact that the Rabbeyim were born and passed on at a certain time is not coincidental... This definitely NOT the Rebbe Rashab that Satmar loves... link


Not a Harry said...

Heavy duty fascinating!

T M Zilberberg said...

there is no question that Morgenstern is sniffing some substance

leo said...

it's not from rashab

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ok, so who is it from?

Anonymous said...

See mundshine's " Migdal Oz" p. 356 ff., where he brings from the ks"y; he too seems to think that it is very likely not from Rashab. Even the Rebbe ZYA describes it as "lo noda l'mi" (a"sh).

As for its knowledge amongst Yerushalmi mystics, do note that Mundshine's brings that the Shomer Emunim (yes, that one) already refers to this maamar as the Rashab's - years before R. Morgenshtern.

There's a similar maamar attributed to the Tzemach Tzedek, even the Alter Rebbe (d"h "Isa bZOH"Ch ch"a R"A vR"E Havi Azli bUrcha" v. Migdal Oz sec. "Chishuvei Kitzin") - but both from the lashon & the dating (talking as if it is years after
the TzTz was actally niftar) it is
karov levadai not from him, or even from Chabad.


yitzchok said...

In the hosafos of keser Shemtov they print this maamer and write that they don't know who its from or even if its from a rebbe.

Berel Friedman said...

Satmer love affair of the Reshab, the Malach and RYD of belz,is very limited it is their for one reason. To wave the Kanoais of this rebbes for the Memalai Mokam.
Satmar is not interested what the Resahb really stood for, they despise it.
Satmar is not interested in the belief system of the Rebbe Reshab that he put forward in his massive works, on Emuna Belokai yisroel... For this they say we only learn hiemishe seforim, and ridicule chabad for learning it.
Satmar is not interested in the Rebbe Reshabs words in Toras Shulem on Nitzchiyas toras Habesht, for this they rather buy some half baked words of the pro Zionist Chabad rebbes of Kaput in Magen Avos which they twist the words to serve their ideology
the same with the others..

Tomim Ti said...