Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Links

Pashkevillen against the Gaavad
הרד"מ דרוקמן:כשהחרדים מצויים בג'ונגל 
Alan Brill: Vitebsker Meditations in DaMir
בניו של מוהרא"ש יושבים שבעה


Fred said...

Re Vitebks.

Strangely no mention of him being a member of Toldos Aharon his whole life until the old rebbe got sick and passed away.

Also, it mistakenly says he was a Dayan in the eidah, he was not. He was a Motz.

His brother is a dayan in the eidah. (after he died).

yankel said...

I knew you would eventually lose your self-control and mention the machlokes in Ponovezh. But seriously, this Drukman? That is what you have to offer?

Knak Yankel said...

Rav drukman, is commenting weekly, this is what he produced for the week,
in light of the ugliness of the holy yeshivah, its written with chasodim.
Who is offering whom?