Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Chofetz Chaim!


Snag said...

These people are nuts.

JS said...

As only the Yated can say it

rebcharles said...

The CC said about himself, that he ws never עובר אבק לה"ר

there are a few possibilities

1. The CC was not truthful
2. The CC was semi-truthful, but he wasnt completely honest with hiself
3. The CC was completely truthful

I prefer #3

In that case, he was far superior to anyone alive, HH The Dalai Lama, Servant of the Servants of God Pope Francis, Yona Metzger. Ted Haggard.

If the above is true, and I believe it is only מקצת שבחו , then the description was only slightly hyperbolic

צדיקים אצל מתנגדים תאמין


Anonymous said...

There is a story I don't know the מקור though, that the c"c sent a shliach to get a הסכמה from the rebbe rashab, and the rebbe rashab said to the shliach making a twitch with the nose is also אבק לשון הרע ( I forgot the exact לשון) the shliach went back to the c"c and told him that the rebbe rashab didn't want to give a הסכמה, and the c"c made a twitch etc.
Again iv don't know the מקור of the story. Maybe some commentators can enlighten us.
(And don't write it never happened JUST because you never heard it before וד''ל)

baalbatish said...

An Ode to Celluloid.
Lipschutz is a talmid chochom, world class journalist, editor and editorialist, Let's not forget veteran askan and fighter for Hareidism. Now we know that he is a poet in the tradition of Frost,Pound & Whitman.
A Renaissance man within our midst.

yankel said...

Anonymous 4:05 - obviously the Posek HaDor disagreed with the Lubavitcher Rebbe and held that twitching the nose is not Avak Lashon Hora.

Anonymous said...

Just asking if you ever heard this story before, I'm wondering about the legitimacy of the story

Anonymous said...

You are pea brain; ain't no difference to anybody, if the story is true or not.

Hyman said...

I'd rather read recipes then Liphshuts's - Yankee, Brisker, big chupp, big payos, masmid, askan, rush Limogh, lubavitch, ponevezer, American, Israeli, young, old, wealthy, poor inspired articles.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if rabbi S.M. Rubashkin would agree with your bashing of Rabbi P. lipschitz. Also it is really amusing to watch you pass judgment on one the holy CC while you engage in blatant lashon hora (not merely nose twitching)