Friday, February 27, 2015

Dr. Isaac Balbin wants your help with this niggun

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Hirshl. It seems nobody knows this. I guess another "thank you" to Hitler Yimach Shemo Vezichro.
My best guess is that it's an Amshinover Nigun.

Miri Moster said...

Thanks to Hitler!?
Balbin out of his mind?

That is too terrible - even as asick comment

Cohen katan said...

Balbin is not honest... In a recent post on the yortzeit of rav yisschar teichtal הי׳ד זצ׳ל he refused to print my comment that the אם הבנים held the held the 3 oaths הלכה למעשה.
See אם הבנים ג::כא

ex-Melbourner said...

Obviously Hirshel doesn't know Balbin...otherwise he wouldn't stain this fine blog with his Image

Melb-NYer said...

Balbin is a HATER!

He hates erliche Yidden from all sectors - but especially anyone connected to any Hungarian chasidus or kehila.

See his loshon hora blog where he besmirches the local Charedim associated with the Adass Yisroel Kehilla, Kolel Beis Hatalmud - Lakewood, Rav Moshe Donnebaum vechule.

He is known as the Failed Messiah" of Australia who has belonged to and angrily left more shuls than normally possible.

He even hates Chabad when it suits him.

As ex-Melbourner writes, - no way would you allow this individual appear on your blog if you knew him.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this by accident. Yes, I have NO time for Satmar or their Kehilla in Melbourne.
I do not allow Loshon Hora on my blog.
I'm only attacked by the Hungarians who aren't allowed on the internet and try to use fake names.
I don't read failed messiah and find Scott repulsive.
I have only left one Shule, Mizrachi, at the advice of my father. I found their then Rabbi to be questionable in the extreme. I won't go into details now. The rest is nonsense, utter nonsense. And yes, I'm not a card carrying Chabadnik. I like lots that they do, and some things I do not like (Meshichism for example).
I learned in Kollel Beis HaTalmud for 10 years (Lakewood) but left when I learned something about a Rabbi there. I won't go into it.
At the moment, I'm actually on leave, and learn each day in Kollel.
Get a life you haters. Talk about Lashon Hara. You guys invented it!
Oh, and bring Malka Leifer back to Melbourne to face the music. They didn't like it when I called for that, at the beginning either.

Anonymous said...

Cohen Katan,
I have absolutely no recollection of ever rejecting your comment on my blog. Perhaps it went to spam and I didn't notice it, OR you are one of four or five IP addresses that are banned because you kept posting with different names and/or your posts were full of Lashon Horo. I looked up your quote now, and I now see that you don't seem to understand plain Ivri. Perhaps you should go out and get yourself the English version of the Sefer. Nothing you said appears in your sense. Quite the OPPOSITE. It says that Torah learning isn't enough according to the Rambam etc ... re-read it.

Why take my word for it. This book is one of THE books that religious zionists use to buttress their philosophy and you think it's a book that supports Satmar? You've got to be kidding me.

I don't even know which post the person who can't use his real name, is referring to

Is it


I surmise he was banned after being warned that it wasn't Purim where he could change his name 3 times a day and make posts.

Cohen katan said...

Balbim... You can't read hebrew... The above qoute in eim ha-banim( p. 176) says we are bound by the 3 oaths. The zionist forgers are your freinds. One popular zionist writer wrote in his column about rav tichtal היד. I called him to tell him this and he slaned the phone. Another rav who wrote a whole book on the 3 oaths didn't know either. If you don't have the ספר i can send you a picture.

Cohen katan said...

Balbin... My real name... Not all my ילדים are married and in my circle internet is taboo... Send your phone and i will explain... Did you look up rav tiechtal yet??