Thursday, March 29, 2018

Please help אחב"י in Virginia פראווע פסח

Lodz, Poland, Children of the Lodz kibbutz during the Passover seder, 1947.   Belongs to collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive   Additional Information: Children of Kibbutz Lodz after the war. The album depicts daily life, religious life, the children and their counselors. The album was presented as a gift to William Bein, by the staff of the Joint Distibution Committee.

Verified cause.

we did this last year as well.

Received via email:

Hirshel: I turn to you once more, as I've done in the past. Your readers have been very kind in previous years and I hope they can be kind again this year. I am on my way with a few others to a small town in Virginia to bring the Festival of Liberation ככל משפטו וחקתו to a Jew who hasn't celebrated it in 9 years. Yitzy, (not his real name) lives in a shack without running water or a bathroom. He comes from a prominent religious family and is still frum but suffers from mental illness and is isolated from his family and society. This is but one of several endeavors that me and a few others have undertaken; namely, to help those that would otherwise be forgotten.  The expenses are great and I won't be able to afford the whole thing alone. If you can please PayPal you will have helped me with this great mitzva.

 A tax deductible receipt is available upon request.

Thank You and a חכ כשר ושמח


town rav said...

please give generous.

eCommoner said...

does who participated so generously last year, should come forward and share the fruit of their blessings here again..

Sam Knopfler said...

The Pesach Hagadah ...
by Shmuel Knopfler

The Hagadah commences with shame & he ends with praise ...
Why are we starting with shame?
Normally a nation would pride itself with a glorious past
not with disparaging remarks.
We are not no remind the convert of his checkered past.
The Maharal points out that in order for a person to ascertain his
current position
he must look into his past from where he came from.
This is an integral part of Hakaras Tov, simple gratitude.
A third of the Jewish people were decimated 70 years ago.
Today we are resuscitated in our own land with the language of our ancestors.
What a contrast to the abyss we came from.
This is a clear & open miracle of HaShem.
Our physical & spiritual revival manifests itself both
on an individual as well as on a national level.

חג כשר ושמח

Prof Barush Lawfare UCSB said...

K: "This is a clear & open miracle of HaShem."

Stockholm Syndrome!

"First people would experience something terrifying that just comes at them out of the blue. They are certain they are going to die.

"Then they experience a type of infantilisation - where, like a child, they are unable to eat, speak or go to the toilet without permission."

Small acts of kindness - such as being given food - prompts a "primitive gratitude for the gift of life," he explains.

"The hostages experience a powerful, primitive positive feeling towards their captor. They are in denial that this is the person who put them in that situation. In their mind, they think this is the person who is going to let them live."

Kimcha Depischa said...

I just gave 180 everybody should give

lostinCA said...

thanks HT for giving the opportunity.
gave a small hishtatfus.

פסחא או פסח said...