Friday, October 26, 2018

Chabad always had Breslov's back

Breslov kind of has that approach to things; Everybody always loved us besides for a few Chernoblers in Ukraine. And they were just power hungry people. (They have a few such stories with Chabad Rabbeyim, from the Alter Rebbe and on.) But we're (Breslov) better than anybody anyway, and our chassidus is the deepest of the deep. I never quite understood that. If you're better and deeper and holier who cares what anybody else says? 

Now, all that's left to ponder is did the story really happen....


Anonymous said... --

That's funny. I just learned today that the grandson of the Alter Rebbe married the granddaughter of Nachman of Breslov.

אהרן זסלבסקי מקרמנצ'וג

הרוצה בעילום שמו said...

זייער שיין ואין להאריך כאן בזה מפני כבודו של הרה"צ רבי מאיר יעקב שליט"א

chutzpah. said...

wow: "besides for a few Chernoblers in Ukraine. And they were just power hungry people"

aziz punim la'gehinom.

James said...

There's a story about a chassid of Reb Baruch'l disrespecting the Alter Rebbe. He died as a result of the קפידה.
It's entirely possible that the tzemach tzedek would defend Reb Nosson even if they disagreed.

Hymie said...

"Chabad "always had" Breslov's back"

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.. [not to confuse the past with the preset-tense].

נ נ נאנח בפיטס בורג said...

הרב ברוך אהרן (ברנרד) פופקו, נפטר בל' בניסן 
ה'תש"ע. היה רב ומנהיג רוחני יהודי-אורתודוקסי אמריקאי, במקביל לתפקידיו הרבניים ופעילותו החינוכית כיהן כנשיא תנועות המזרחי-הפועל המזרחי בארצות הברית

בשנת 1942 התמנה כרב בקהילת "שערי תורה" בפיטסבורג שבפנסילבניה על מקומו של הרב הקודם, הרב משה שמעון זיוויץ שנפטר כבר ב-1936, וב-1953 התמנה בידי חברי הקהילה כמנהיג רוחני לכל ימי חייו, משרה בה החזיק עד 2004. במקביל כיהן כיו"ר הסתדרות הרבנים בפנסילבניה (1949–1999).

בשנות ה-50 של המאה ה-20 היה מן הפעילים הראשונים למען יהדות ברית המועצות, ובשנות ה-60 כתב על ביקוריו בברית המועצות בספרו ביידיש "אין שאטן פון קרעמלין: דריי באזוכן אין סאוועט-רוסלאנד" (בצלו של הקרמלין: שלושה ביקורים ברוסיה הסובייטית). הוא השלים את הדוקטורט שלו באוניברסיטת פיטסבורג

אחיו הוא הרב חיים יצחק ע"ה פופקא רב בברוקלין וסגן נשיא אגודת הרבנים הי' חתנו של האדמו"ר משה חיים יהושע שניאורסאן-טווערסקי האדמו"ר מטומשפאל- קודינוב

בין נכדיו: הרב חיים פופקו, רב קהילת אהבת תורה בניו ג'רזי

Rabbi Poupko arrived in Pittsburgh in 1942 as a graduate of Yeshiva University in New York. In the 1940s, he was a guiding force both in moving Shaare Torah from the Hill District to a new home on Murray Avenue, and in creating Hillel Academy as a private religious school in Squirrel Hill.

He was one of the anchors of Pittsburgh's Jewish community for six decades he was so energetic when talking that he sometimes had trouble keeping his yarmulke in place.

"It was such a thrill to me when I became a rabbi to sit down with him. ... He was a legend," said Rabbi Chuck Diamond of the Congregation Or L'Simcha in Squirrel Hill and interim rabbi of Tree of Life. "When I run into people in different cities and they hear I'm from Pittsburgh, people always bring up his name.

BigFatGetchka said...

"But we're (Breslov) better than anybody anyway, and our chassidus is the deepest of the deep."

Ummm...Breslovers aren't the ones that claim they had a new kabolas hatorah for only them or only they have the real mesora of Toras HaBaal Shem Hakadosh.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack.

What do you recommend as an intro to chabad chassidus for a yeshiva guy?

ישראל שילדקרויט said...

חומש ורש"י, אור החיים הק' ורמב"ן על פרשת השבוע

Anonymous said...

during the revolutions & "isms" that swept thru poland, russia, ukraine, etc. many frum bochurim and girls lost their way r"l. as such, a bochur who was frum, yirei shamayim had a challenge finding a proper zivug. as a result, chabad & breslov intermarried quite a bit, for example the estulins/brods

Menachem said...

For Anonymous who asked about good introductory sefarim for Chassidus. Check out the Chassidus Mevoeres series from Heichal Menachem. You can find them for sale here: (search for "Chassidus Mevoeres"), and many other places.

RCA said...

A Lubavitcher said...

the fights between gedolim weren't personal like the story of when reb baruch asked his chassidim during a tish if any of them can make fun of the berditchever and when one of them told how the berditchever grabbed him by the lapels and asked him what would the malach Michael say about you then reb baruch exposed him as a thief and explained that the reason he fights the berditchever is because in heaven the angels say that you don't need the Moshiach, the bais hamikdash and the avoda since the berditchevers avoda is just as great as the kohen gadols
And then there's the story of the rebbe who constantly harrassed his nephew and when his sister told him to stop he said he's keeping him alive and when she insisted nonetheless that he stop her son passed away soon after

Even in this story that you quoted after he disrespected the alter rebbe (by calling him the litvak in a derogatory manner) reb baruch himself told the guy that he has to go to the alter rebbe and ask mechila he only passed away because he refused to go ask for mechila