Sunday, May 13, 2007

וואשינגטאן מיט טערקי

חדשות אנ"ש

The preceding was a letter to the editor published recently in "Der Blatt," a Yiddish newspaper published by the Aron faction of Satmar. The writer is upset why his daughter was being punished for failing an American History exam, "not knowing when Washington found the turkey," in his words. After all, he says, all she really needs to know is how to schedule her Welfare appointment, and later on, to check her food stamps and make sure she wasn't ripped off by a few dollars.... He then goes on to say: The schools should give the English exam on a cookbook published by the Nitra Yeshiva.....

The line of the year: ......וויסען ווען די וועלפעיר אפוינטמענט איז
..................זאל מען ענדערש געבן טעסטס אויף די נייטרא קוק-בוק

It's lines that these that keep guys like me coming back for more. No other culture can produce such pearls of wisdom.


Anonymous said...


you write like an antisemite

you know it best that yr new religion peers in 770 use every program on the books from the city,regardless if its kosher or not

however yr hatred against the jews from the world of yr grandparents
is so overwhelming,as seen from yr
so called inocent comments,that you cant hold back

this is called a self hating jew...

Der Shygetz said...

Yesterday I decided to close my Creedmoor blog. Now that I see material like that, I realize I did the right thing because no parody I or anyone else ever produced comes close to the real thing as far as the be-hymishe world is concerned!

(Then again, was that letter sent in around Purim time?)

Anonymous said...

"however yr hatred against the jews from the world of yr grandparents"

Yes, our grandparents made extra sure to have all their affairs in order when going to their welfare appointments. :-/

Hirshel Tzig said...

I imagine, since the letter was written to Der Blatt that a Leytz from the other Satmarer branch wrote it. (At least I hope so.....) But the editors were then asleep on the job if the let this through.

I'm not sure where the antisemite comment comes from. I just brought the article.

Friendly anonymous said...

Me'inyan l'inyan: why should my 4th grade daughter have to memorize the 10 generations from Odom 'till Noach?

The whole chinuch is geared towards getting the girls into the best seminaries, rather than on teaching the children the stuff that's important for them to know.

Hirshel Tzig said...


she needs to know so that when her daughter asks her in 20 years, and Daddu either isn't home or doesn't know, she'll be able to help her.

Friendly anonymous said...

Ershtens, Daddy doesn't know and zicher won't know. Secondly, Yaakov Horowitz will have shaped up the chinuch system by that time

Anonymous said...

dear tzigele

i see that you are very much opposed to secular studies

can you please explain the following

while gedole yisroel were immesrsing
them self in torha veyire and they were נזהר not to look out from their
ד אמות

meanwhile the rebbe who was from the biggest גזע גדולים וקדושים
spent 7 to 10 of his most precious
younger years in the clledges of "culture" in the countries of the bigest ,שונאי ישראל
berlin germany,france-sorbone
to learn philosophy and ידיעת השם
from ר"ל גוישע פראפעסערס אפקורסים IN BERLIN=SORBNE!!!!!!

is this the yidishe derech for a yid a
בנן של קדושים
to spend 7-10 years behind the walls of these treif golledes
while most of those years he was not even married?????????

please answer to the point..

B"H i hv a good business and never in my life did i take a cent from any of city programs

however i still am not the first to point fingers re food stamps or welfare that yiden with big families may take in willi or in crown hights

translation said...

i can't make out all of this since my Yiddish is weak---would you mind translating your posts and your comments from time to time? It will help with the vocab.

Der Shygetz said...

Ah, the ShopRiter is back!

Heiliger ShopRiter:

1) Maybe the fact that the Rebbe spent time where he did and when he did is why Chabad is able to do so much with frei Yidden whereas Satmar is stuck in its isolation.

2) Most of the people I see using food stamps here in CH (not WIC which seems to be a free for all) are shabbily dressed, with the exception of young couples doing their year in kollel and wearing what they bought with gift money. Some are almonos, some are the wives of woefully underpaid mechanchim, and others are nebach cases. In short, the people who should use food stamps. The moment I walked into a pharmacy in Willi, it was assumed I had Medicaid (and once he found out I didn't, the pharmacist gave me a quick lesson in how to cheat my prescription plan for his sole benefit - if he hadn't been so ridiculous I'd have walked out without buying the OTC stuff I came in for just on principle) even though I had 2 state of the art cellphones in my designer shirt pocket. A friend who runs a legit food business here has heard many stories from the inspectors that pass him about those who lost the right to take stamps in Williamsburgh because they sold non-food items to shtempelach customers wearing fur coats and diamond rings.

I hear Der Blatt lists the exchange rate for food stamps to cash the way the WSJ lists the pound sterling, Euro etc exchange rates.

Anonymous said...

you are writing a lot abt the difference bet the crown hights takers and the willi takers

its a desperate attemp to make a fifference whil there is realy no differece nada...zilch..

you did not answer at all what kind of מעלות and קדושה the rebbe gained from his cllege years in the trief
colleges were apikurses was the main menu!!!!!

Hirshel Tzig said...

ליהוי ידוע

the point here was to poke fun at the paper and the writer of the letter to the editor, not to compare CH to Williamsburg or BP. What others write is not my concern, although it's cute to see how the welfare system has become part and parcel of the Yiddishkeit there.

Anonymous said...

to h. tzig

thanks for yr comments

i agree..

Milhouse said...

When did Washington meet a turkey? I've heard about the (false) story of the cherry tree, though I couldn't tell you on what day of the week it was supposed to have happened, and I don't suppose anybody could ever have told you, probably not even Pastor Weems who made it up. But I've never even heard of this story with the turkey. I suppose I would fail this "history" test too, and be "punished". It's a good thing I don't go to that school.

Anonymous said...

Der Shygetz
Who translated for you?

Hirshel Tzig said...


You sound like you're a regular at the shiurim of Menashe Fulop. Please grow up.

Anonymous said...

Ganeyvo and sheker aren't considered an aveyro anymore by many...