Wednesday, October 8, 2008

אחת בשנה

(Who You Lookin' At?!)

We Hungarians are a funny bunch. Ever since I was a little boy Erev Yom Kippur was the biggest day of the year. At least Kaporos was. Missing early morning Kaporos was the crime of the century, even as young as 9 years old. I even have pictures of me right next to the old Bobover Rov while he was having his Kaporoh shechted years ago. The same goes for me now; not doing Kaporos while it's still dark outside is like not eating matzoh on Pesach.


I know I had more to say about this topic, and that it was a lead-in to something more interesting, I just can't remember now, 2 days later and all. Maybe it'll come to me some other time. I remember now! I meant to wish you all a very inspirational Yom Kippur, aka YumeKudesh, and that Hashem grant you all your (permitted) hearts' desires. May it be a year of "health and wealth and time to enjoy them," a year of peace and brotherhood, a year of Torah and Chassidus for all Jews.

even misngadim!


Anonymous said...

Love the pic but its
א האן אוועק פון בני אדם
וואו א האן אין בני אדם

so its problemaatish


havemeyer said...

solo kokosh maaaaaa

Anonymous said...

"...a year of Torah and Chassidus for all Jews.

even misngadim!"

Yeh, we gotta save those souls brotha. Chasidus for misnagdim! Yechi Hamelech!

rt306 said...

The Tzig apparently had a introspective Yoim kudesh (after all, according to the number cited by there were 600 people there for yom kudesh)and has decided to lay of shyster attacks.
Or maybe he got better than he gave.
Whatever the reason, it's good not to read the Lubab negativity

snag said...

A year of Torah and Hisnagdus for all Jews, even Chassidim !

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

A year of Torah and chassidus (with out the capital c) for all Jews, even Chassidim!!

yoshe kalb said...

havemeyer, did you mean "szol a kakas mar"?

havemeyer said...

yoshe nagybácsi

köszönet részére a javítás de mikor apám éneklő ez után ivás túl sok slivovitz és étkezési -a paprika csirke amit hogyan szól köszönet


p.s just having some fun with you

yoshe kalb said...

Havemeyer, I thought so.BTW what about "Holuptches"?
א ליסטיגן יום טוב פאר אללע אידן
P.S. I stopped drinking Hungarian Slivovitz. Zwack's is just not drinkable. Any ideas where I can get hold of some old production, made under the Hashgochoh of Harav Hoffmann?

Friendly Anonymous said...

Dear host, I would have thought that the "shnei se'irim" was the most important part of Yom Kippur for you

Anonymous said...

Yoshe Kalb,

Where do you live? I have a few bottles left of the old production.


Do Lubavitcher's say "Yeym Hakodeysh"? The Rebbe definitely used that expression.