Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well-meaning or taking it too far?

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I hope you all had a very inspiring and forgiving Rosh Hashonoh. I apologize for conveying my greetings and salutations before the New Year as is customary.

Some of you may have been looking for a way to show G-d that you really mean it this year, that you'll show him how sincere you are about CHANGE. You especially want to create an environment at home where your children are safe from the bad influences of our time. A certain Chassidic group sent this questionnaire/form to all parents recently. They may mean well, but others start off "meaning well" and then get carried away. Is this something you're comfortable with?


Abarbanel said...

בשעה שאמר הקב"ה לא יהיה לך אלוהים אחרים מיד ענה כנסת ישראל לא יהיה לך כל מחשב בכל גבולך לא תעשה לך מודם אנלוגי או אי די אס אל: אך בזאת ישתמש בתקשורת כי אם למלאות גרונם של תלמידי חכמים או להפיץ מעינתם: ואם במחתרת ימצא הגולש ולא הועד לרבו שם ססמותיו זרוק יזרוק בניו ממוסדותיו ובעל המחשב יצא נקי מנכסיו

Twistelton-Twistelton said...

I THINK IT IS A JOKE. Becuase no one care if you listen to tapes of THEIR spesipic group.

Hirshel Tzig said...

no joke. very serious.

Anonymous said...

"I THINK IT IS A JOKE. Becuase no one care if you listen to tapes of THEIR specific group."

As a matter of fact, all three of the Chabad yeshivas I attended required that only Chabad (not merely Jewish) music be listened to. It was explicit on their list of rules.

sheichet said...

I think there is a difference between a set of guidelines and a demand to update the Rabonim if there are any changes made to your employer's computer network or your wife's password at work. Getting a little invasive here.