Saturday, December 24, 2011

equal opportunity offender...


Anonymous said...

Old joke from Yarmur Ruv Shlit"a
Puppa - If Satmar has 8 days then we have eight days

Bobbov - Nar ainer yeder ainer veist az a Menoreh mit acht kuneh zet ois a sach shener vi a Menorah mit ziben

Anonymous said...

And Lubavitch?

Ende Tsadik said...

Why do litvaks always get off so lightly? How about

Rav Elyashuv: Because Efrati had invested in 8 branch menorahs.

Reb Chaim Kanievsky: Becasue Kupat Ha'ir needed an extra photo.

Rav Steinman: Because that's how they do it in Paris and Mexico City.

An Ailmesher said...

Lubavitch lights only 7.

שבעה ולא שמונה!

Der Shygetz said...

Meanwhile, Spinka can get ready for their chag hageula on Thursday:

So much for the Otisville (pronounced Oytisville or Uhtisville) branch of Spinka - Boro Park.

Anonymous said...

An Ailemesher
"Lubavitch lights only 7.

שבעה ולא שמונה!

you mean to say in 770 since it is the Beis hamikdash, next time be more articulate, since not every one is so sharp as you..

Bar Minon said...

The only Bobovers who require 'eight' are the forty eighters.

Anonymous said...

no, mr. anon, he meant that there can only be 7 licht, just as there can only be seven rebbes.

Anonymous said...

Bar Minon
what a scary name,
45th is 4 and 5 is nine included the shamash, by rebbes the shamash was a big inyan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

4 nights in boro park & 4 nights in williamsburg

one more night to eat latkes

that what the rshas"h siddur tell you to do

Anonymous said...

one more night to eat latkes"
your joke is very beneath, very willi style