Thursday, June 28, 2012

פיקטשער אוו זע דעי

הרה"ח ר' יוסף הלוי וויינבערג ע"ה

תצלום מהספר "תולדות חב"ד בפולין ליטא ולטביא" - באדיבות הספרן הרה"ח ר' שד"ב שי' לוין


Snag said...

Nice headgear.

How about more people wearing that kind of thing today?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hirsh.

As someone who grew up on his block, I remember him foremostly as a mentsh: well balanced in chasidishkayt & learning yet still very down to earth & a warm family man. His farbrengens with us as youngsters, especially his memories of being with the פריעדיקער רבי מוהריי''ץ in Varsha תשרי ת''ש during the bombings, kept us mesmerized.

He also was from the original ועד להפצת שיחות to be מפרסם שיחות ומאמרי אדמו''ר הרמ''ש, set up in תש''י by בנצ'ע שם–טוב & אברהם פאריז, with יואל קאהן doing most of the חזרה & writing.

His fundraising talents (especially for תומכי תמימים) were legendary... IIRC, the רבי רמ''ש'ס response to a gvir in Chicago to still give money to the yeshivah even after י' שבט תש''י since "מיר און דער שווער זיינען איין נשמה אין צוויי גופים)ם)’’ was said to Rabbi Weinberg to tell the gvir.

& who can forget his סליחות? when we heard his לשמוע אל הרנה ואל התפילה we knew that Tishrei has begun. Same with his ידעתי ה' כי צדק משפטך during ר''ה מוסף. He supposedly learned his davening nusach from someone who heard it from the חזן of ליובאוויטש , ר' יחיאל האלפערין. There was a rumor that he worked on "losing" his Polish accent, which is why, unlike the other אטוואצקער בחורים , he had almost no Polish accent & he spoke almost like a ליטוואק.

There was a תשורה not long ago with just some of the רבי'ס copious comments & הגהות on שיעורים בספר התניא. If I find it I'll post the link.

Pictures of the 'לוי:

-- ZIY

zindel said...

the russian and polish jewish headgear was uniformed and dictated by 'officals' of somekind, that's why 'i think' was the reason satmar ruv despised it, the hungarian hats where more primitive and not uniformeed, Although, they changed it in the last years after SR passed away! 'someone' will give a din v'chasbon on it!

lubab-fin-amul said...

--ziy: "who can forget his סליחות? "

Pardon my ignorance, I thought that they don't say selicos in lubab, and probably rightly so, since according to hirshel munkacher rav writes that lubab's are beyond sinning? Who knows the rebbe died but he didn't, they say selicos but they don't, but if they don't sin why say selicos? Ah must be for others who don't do shlicos they must do selicos, and for those who think the rebbe never lived! He certainly didn’t die, so here we go if he didn’t live, he couldn’t die And if you didn’t sin you sholdn’t say selicos, but if he lived and he is now dead and מיתת צדיקים מכפּרת therefore although they said selicos before but exempted now either because they didn’t sin, or because the rebbe is alive!

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

ignorant is right. I always knew you were no "Lubab fun amohl"

slichos is said until rosh hashanah

a-future-lubab, maybe? said...

הירשל ציג : "ignorant is right. I always knew you were no "Lubab fun amohl"

Oy Vey mir, !אכן נודע הדבר But I had learned tanya many times over before my 18th BD! (althogh, shilcun orich harav not so much!)

עז כנמר said...

הירשל דער לעצטער רעדענדיגער 'עז' פּנים! איז זיך מתרשל לעצטענס במלאכתו

אני נותרתי נביא לד' לבדי ונביאי הבעל ארבע־מאות וחמשים איש

בּן צפּור said...

עז כנמר said: "הירשל דער לעצטער רעדענדיגער 'עז' פּנים! איז זיך מתרשל לעצטענס במלאכתו "

מיין מלמד פלעגט זאג'ן ביי יָאזֶענט ווערט ער לעבּעדיג

ווארט נאר זאל איינער באריר'ן די לאָבּאַבּ קולטור וועט ער שוין שפּרינג'ן וויא אַ בּאָקן

!אכטונג said...

דער גרויסער בּער וואס רופט זיך טוֹיבּער לָאטצי עֶט אַל שלאפט, בּיטע נישט ערוועינ'ן דאס ווארט 'סאטמאר' אדער אפילו 'הפיכו' ווייל פּלוצים וועט ער אויפשפּרינג'ן אַוויא דער תנין הגדול שגם משה דחיל מניה

An Ailmesher said...

Rabbi Weinberg did not get his nusach from R. Y. Halperin because he davened the Poilesher nusach, as anyone who has heard a Poilisher davening knows. Perhaps ידעתי but nothing else. The real Lubavitcher nusach is the Litvishe nusach, since they are litvaks and as I heard from a Lubab יוצא רוסיא. Funny that the "official" Lubavitcher nusach for Yomim Noraim is the Poilsher nusach.