Saturday, September 22, 2012

ליובאוויטש שבליובאוויטש גליון 7

Part of the good work being done by/for בחורים in ליובאוויטש today.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, though a noble project, this "anti-Mishichist" publication is guilty of the very thing they accuse the Mishichists of: selective quotes of the Rebbe's sichos & ma'amorim, without context. Why is it that for inyonei Hiskashrus you are allowed to do it, whereas for inyonei Moshiach you are not allowed?
(Come to think of it, the bulk of Hayom Yom are selective quotes of the Rebbeyim's Toyrehs! So why when it comes to inyonei Moshiach do the "antis" suddenly shrai gevald?)

-- ZIY

Anonymous said...

Well maybe they are not so different these days anyways - at least according to Shoulson, who sees achdus developing, at least online:

-- ZIY

yellow flag said...

Where do u see that quotes were taken out of context intentionally?
you are just hochking leshem hocking....The Moshiachist will never print the Sicha of the rebbe against them that he will walk out of the farbrengens if a certain song will go on,or the Rebbes last Heora on the last sicha that there is no inyan to publicize who Moshiach is.

ah geborener said...

mr yellow flag
one can argue about taking out of context from here until u turn blue
but an open lie??

everyone know the line
אין כל חיוב כלל לחפש זהותו )OR( מיהו משיח אבל מצוות עשה מן התורה לאהוב כל ישראל
)sorry i forget exact wording.
everyone also knows it WAS NOT a heoro to the last sicho and possibly (according to r' biyomin kelin Son in law) even an answer to a rabid hatere of jews who wanted to publicize the Rebbe was moshiach