Saturday, September 8, 2012

בת קדושים ואמה של מלכות

Haaretz: Rebbetzin Malka Brayer, ע"ה mother of the Boyaner Rebbe and daughter of Reb Mordechai Shlomo of Boyan, זצ"ל, passes away in Jerusalem at the age of 89.


Fed Up In Peoria said...

I don't know if the Boyaner is the greatest tzadik of our generation or not but on what basis did he get the job?

Because his grandfather was Rebbe?
How cynical is that?
Boyaner Chasiddus takes detour from Boyan through,Vienna, Lower East Side, YU & Brooklyn College

Further proof that Hassidus is bankrupt

Brayer's daughter, Dr. Nancy Block, of Teaneck, New Jersey.

Rabbi Brayer and his brother, Dr. Yisrael Abraham Brayer of Los Angeles, sat shiva.

Brayer attended Brooklyn College and earned a master's degree in chemistry. In 1952, she married Dr. Menachem Brayer, a professor at Yeshiva University in New York.

Peoria to YU (Washington Heights) 932 miles

SDR said...

Shiva notice - mother of Nancy Block
Posted on August 31st, 2012 by office and tagged Shiva.
We regret to inform you of the passing of Rebbetzin Mimi Brayer, beloved mother of our member, Nancy Block
The Kevurah took place today in Yerushalayim.
Nancy will be sitting shiva today, Friday, August 31, 2012 at her home, 1341 Dickerson Road until 4:30pm.
She will then fly to Israel Motzei Shabbat to sit shiva at 42 Bar Giora (Pinat Yehuda HaMaccabee in Mekor Baruch, Yerushalayim) through Monday, September 3.
She will return to Teaneck on Tuesday morning to complete the shiva at her home, until Thursday morning, September 6.

Fed Up In Peoria said...

Congregation Rinat Yisrael

Shoshana Samuels joined Rinat as Yoetzet Halacha in August of 2011.

The goals of this important post for our membership and the broader Bergen County community is:

To encourage women to feel comfortable asking all of their questions in Hilchot Niddah in a way that also enables them to share all of the relevant details.
To give a woman not only a specific response to the issue she is dealing with at that moment but to give her the guidance and general advice that will help her get from Point A to Point B in dealing with her overall situation at the present time and in the future.
To provide education through shiurim, lectures, and long one on one phone calls so that women understand Hilchot Niddah, feel more in control of what is happening to them and are therefore better equipped to ask good questions.
To engender positive feelings about the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha, the sensitivity of Rabbanim and how the halachic system works so that couples can observe these laws with greater commitment and less resentment.

schneur said...

The old Boyaner Rebbe (e friend of the Lubavitcher Rebbe) had 3 children 2 sons and 1 duaghter. Boyaner chassidus here was a small outfit with a shtibel in the LES and they also ahd a family shtibel inthe building that they owned on 441 West End Avenue where the Rebbe spent his last years.
Neither son was interested in the job Rav Israel was a book collector , social worker and married to the daughter of Dr. Joseph Lookstein of KJ . they had no children of their own. Reb Itzhak was a graphic artist with 2 daughters.
The son in law Dr. Brayer (son of the rav of Stefaneshti in Rumanis)was a talmid chochom but a member of the YU faculty who was hardly chasidic in the way we define that word for msot of his life. I recall him as a (or the) school psychologist at YU or YU high school - I forget which.
If not for the community of Boyan in jslm there woudl not have been another Boyaner rebbe, as no one in the uS needed one. A leading Boyaner chasid here R. Sender Bistrizky A"H did not even accept the young R. Brayer prefering to switch his alliegence to another Ruzhiner rebbe the Bhusher rebbe ZTL.
Given the fact that there were no other close fmaily members the Jslm community wanted to amke a grandson the next rebbe. their first choice Yigal Brayer was a "flop" as this man was interestd in the sciences. But they succeeded with his brother. teh Boyaner rebbe is a fine man an anav and a firm leader who has developed a community in the uS and Israel. As the Rebbe would say yaarich yamav al mamlachto !!

lozmirup said...

SDR said...
Shiva notice - mother of Nancy Block
Posted on August 31st, 2012 by office and tagged Shiva.
We regret to inform you of the passing of Rebbetzin Mimi Brayer, beloved mother of our member, Nancy Block"

Your posts about his sister only proves his gadlus. The boyaner never hid his relatives in the closet and was michabid his older clean shaven brother at tishen with all his yerushalmi chassidim looking on.

Fed Up In Peoria said...

Basically a regular guy brought up in a Modernish Orthodox family with secular education all around and he becomes Rebbe because it's the family business. So this makes sense?

jewish observer said...

Fed up
"Basically a regular guy brought up in a Modernish Orthodox family with secular education all around"
I am no chosid of the boyaner....please get off his case.... this guy was in the hands of chasidim since he got bar mitzva.. he learned as a youngster in chasan sofer BP....
He is a extremely eideler yid.....

Fed Up In Peoria said...

You are also an eideler yid, so how do you become Rebbe?

Anonymous said...

to Fed Up In Peoria
not good enough for you then take Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel ztl as your mentor
make something of yourself

moshemoshel said...

Leaders aren't born, they are made!

itchiemayer said...

The old Boyaner Rebbe was an extremely humble man, and one of the great tzadikim of the twentieth century. None other than Reb Moshe Feinstein, zt"l thought highly of the Boyaner so I could not disagree more with the pride of Peoria, Illinois in his disparagement of the Boyaner and his "modern" family. Rabbi Menachem Brayer, zt"l was also a wonderful man, a talmid chacham and a man of great integrity. His son, The current Boyaner was schooled by the Rhiziner Rebbes in Eretz Yisrael. He was not forced into this and not automatically given the job. He earned it. Yes, the offspring of the Boyaner were relatively "modern" for lack of a better term. They were also devoted to the memory of their Father/Grandfather and they were (are) people of tremendous integrity and dare I say have sanctified the name of God. What they aren't is haughty, dishonest, and divisive. I must say that all of the people I have the great fortune of knowing that have associations with the court of Boyan (admittedly only three but those three have no associations with one another and from each I found out about their Boyaner yichus randomly through extensive conversation) but then agaim I'm not far from the Pride of Peoria so I don't run into so many Chasidim to begin with, anyhow these individuals are pious, wonderful people. I doubt this is a coincidence. If this is the legacy of the Boyaner Rebbe, R' Mordechai Shlomo of Boyan (and it is), then he did his job well. Furthermore, those I know that have Boyaner yichus are religious, pious Jews although not practicing Chasidim. Reb Mordechai Shlomo wasn't about growing his flock, he was about teaching a Jew the proper way to live his a mentsch.

Anonymous said...

The Gerer Rebbe Shlita gives the Boyaner brucheh achreeteh at all his chasseness. He could give any Rebbe/Rebbeleh/banshak etc. That speaks volumes Mr. Peoria.... If it plays in Ger[oria]...

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