Friday, September 28, 2012

“Yemenite Jews, brought over by Satmar, supported by Conservative Jews, it’s really ‘kol yisrael arevim zeh b’zeh,’”

 Better they should have gone to Eretz Yisroel where the Zionist Government would support them and give them free Torah education, no?

See Article in the (Conservative)Jewish Standard.


moshe moshel said...

Nothing is worse than zionism

bored soul said...

i feel bad ruining it but it fit well when on this article it said no comment

Anonymous said...

Well maybe conservatives are better than the Zionists.

This is a shocker as we all remember the massive appeal that went on in all Charedi shuls after a Yemenite Jews was murdered in order to bring them to the USA.

So who didn't have to give a linas leilo? lemme check my Vayoel Moshe.
מי יגלה עיני רבינו
Rav Tuv has become a shmad mashine kepshuto.

No Yemenite who comes to Israel today needs one penny in order to give his children a torah education. An education without a need to wear a Hungarian Chulent top hat, that is.

What a shame!

Yosef 718

כנפי יונה said...

Yosef 718 "Rav Tuv has become a shmad mashine kepshuto. "

When The conservative jewish standard and herzel's medinas yisruel are worried for 2 jewish families in monsey to stay frum! than you know something is wrong here no?

btw, where is 'your' chesed l'avrum schnur campaign!!! where is the aguda of america with their 90,000 mizrachistan and korach's money! can they help here a little to? where is lubabvitch! with their 3000 shlicum? from hollywood to bombay! where is the good 'uncle sam'? It would help if you know here the 'background' stories, before you make these Anonymous statements full of venom!

moshe moshel is right for once! "Nothing is worse than zionism" ask the 100,000's sefardim who where forced to immegrate their children to the medina! as of today their children are not accounted for!!ואשא אתכם על כנפי נשרים ואבא אתכם אלי slogans that covered their kidnaping air planes!

אלו לעבדים ולשפחות נמכרנו החרשתי כי אין הצר־שוה בנזק המלך

!!!מי יגלה עפר מעיניך

B Oppenheim said...

Medinat Israel is based on Schnurr! Starting from the UJA Yom Kippur appeals! To the billions of dollars received from the USA for various projects which include foreign refuge aid! And for educating their poor!

We all remember our congressman John Rooney who introduced a bill that the USA should be able to help the poor Israeli institution/yeshivas Direct! Not thru the Israeli government! The idea was spearheaded by bais leplatot orphanage in Jerusalem, and supported by *SR z”l (and Lipa Friedman), Israel fought this plan with tooth and nail! That Ronney should not win his congressional seat for that sin!

So who helps whom! Israel helps refugees? Or they help themselves thru refugees
נקוט האי כללא בידך אין טפה יורד מן המדינה! אלא א"כ טפיים עולים כנגדו

The same is true why Israel gives monies for yeshivas, do you really thing Israel’s שמד machine is giving money for frum yeshivas!! to learn torah! Or do they need the frum for collision support, and to receive their millions from the USA! The frum are to naïve and nationalistic to see this! And that they are used as pawns! By both the medina and their kenesset representatives! Who package their votes into a ! חוב קדוש A modern way of falsifying and a cover up! Like when they used their slogan of kidnapping yeminite children by plastering on their planes!
ואשא אתכם על כנפי נשרים ואביא אתכם אלי !

*רני ושמחי ליעקב, אל תירא עבדי יעקב

gevalt! said...

bored soul said...
i feel bad ruining it but it fit well when on this article it said no comment

Hirshel became a moderator, he moderates out the truth! i wrote a few rather long sensible comments lately and it wasn't posted! censorship what's new!

hecht said...

bored soul : "i feel bad ruining it but it fit well when on this article it said no comment"

דע מה שתשיב does not apply to yiddishe apikorsim! but the question is why does the below nick have 0 comments?!

?הושענא רבה, ליובאוויטש, רבי, תשמד