Tuesday, March 12, 2013

קנאים פייערען ב' ניסן, די יארצייט פון כ"ק אדמו"ר מוהרש"ב נ"ע

די רעדאקציע האט ערהאלטען 2 קונטרסים

ליקוט מאגרות קודש כ"ק אדמו"ר מהרש"ב נ"ע

צופה לבית ישראל


chusid101 said...

i would say to these kanoim, GET A LIFE is your life so void of content that you are OBSSESED with kanois. it is clear as the day, if the the reebe would have seen israel today being the biggest place of TORAH he would have agreed with harav kook zt"l that not only will the frume be able to learn torah but the chilonim will help out and do tshuvah. you dont agree? look at mir ponovez look at bnei brak and then compare it to your willi or K.J. for that matter.

Der Klaynem said...

Bmchilas Kevod Toroso, it is very obvious that times have changed.

The Rebbe RASHA"B himself mentions numerous times regarding Zionism and the Agudah that their intentions will not come to fruition (see pg 207, 312, 654 etc of the igros)

Facts on the ground show that this prediction was, if we may say so, inaccurate.

So do the math, if the the predictions didn't come to pass (kavayochol), obviously something changed.

Sikrik of BK said...

the irony of the pamphlet is, that they call the Rebbe Reshab, as a Ish Emuna for his askunas against all the Isms.
The Rebbe Reshab wrote tens of thousand of pages of the deepest philosophy in Achdus hashem, to establish a curriculum for a generation of chasidim,and establish Yeshivas rotating on in his teachings of chasidus, and this idiots are circling around some Askunas letter that were written for some burning issue of the moment. Imagine Chabad would be stuck with the Alte Rebbes war against Napoleon.....