Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Polish and Russian Rabbonim of yesteryear that you most likely never heard of

הרב ר' חיים פאזנער אב"ד ניעשנאווא ואח"כ מחברי וועד הרבנים בווארשא

הרב ר' אברהם גליקסמאן רבה של סלוזיעווא

הרב ר' אפרים פישל שפירא רבה של דאבלוינא

"הרב ר' משה פנחס טרונק, בנו יחידו של "הישועות מלכו

הרב ר' אליעזר הורביץ אב"ד אוקינוב

ממלא מקומו של ר"א הורביץ באוקינוב, הרב ר' אליעזר שמואל יוסף פרידקוס

הרב ר' דניאל דוד ווינברג רבה של גור

רבי נתן נטע דונר מקוליבעל מחבר הרבה ספרי אסופות דברי צדיקים

ר' יהושע העשיל דוד גאלדשלאג אב"ד פשייטש ואח"כ בשערפס, בנו של ר' יעקב חיים זעליג מרבני ווארשא ב"ר יחיאל מיכל משערפס בעמח"ס אמרי אמת. ריה"ד היה חתנו של ר' אליהו לערמאן בעמח"ס אזור אליהו, נספה בשואה הי"ד.

הרב ר' חיים משולם קויפמאן הכהן מח"ס פתח האהל ואב"ד גוסטינין

הרב ר' יצחק קוסבסקי רבה של איוויא מח"ס שאילת יצחק

הרב ר' שמואל יעקב הכהן קליגסבערג זצ"ל רבה של דאיוויאנגרד וקאלושין

הרב ר' מאיר צבי מאזור הרב של ראדזיוב, מגדולי תלמידי האבנ"ז זצ"ל

Photos and captions Courtesy of אוצר החכמה forum, who took it from A Polish publication, which has many more beautiful pictures. Some of the headgear worn here is "out of sight!"


azigra said...

someone with time should search the Warsaw cemetery database for their grave pictures.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

for some you would need to go to Treblinka...

Anonymous said...

TODAY IS Maron the philidelphia rosh yeshiva yohrtzeit and yes no articel from tzig

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

the Tzig didn't know it was his יארצייט

Anonymous said...

Head gear???? These heilige yiiden were much holier then us with our biggest size 9 yarmulkas. We wouldn't last ten minutes to be living as a frum yid in those days.

anon said...

he is talking about the caps, not yarmulkas

Anonymous said...

every rabbi picture has a biography in english

amd every town has a history in english

rebcharles said...

if you look at pics of Soviet or Russsian officers, even today, the headgear is somewhat similiar

Zalman Alpert said...

Great pictures. A few of these rabbonim were well known but not these pictures. These rabbonim were all from Congress Poland (Warsaw, Lodz, Bendin, Radom KInsk, Kalisch Tchentechow areas)
I admit I was unawre jews wore these kasketen in this region. Clearly after WW1 they were no longer worn in Poland rather the classic Yiddishe hittel was worn and we even have pictures of the Bais Yisroel and Reb Moshe Bezalel Alter with the Yiddishe hittlech.
But this was the common hat for all Jews in White Russia Lita and Ukraine until World War 1. We have pictures of gedolim like Reb Simcha Zelig of Brisk the Chofetz Chaim ,Rav Kook The Rogochover the Kishinev Rosh yeshiva the son of the Bobroisker Reb Mendel Hayad and many others in similiar hats. Anash contimued to wear these type of caps long afterwards.
Yes even rabbonim in White Russia did not need beaver hats or borsellinos from Ferster to announce they were frum.
The Rachal clearly depivcted to me the different type of caps(meterial) that the Rashab wore and the rayaatz wore while in Lubavitch or when in other towns in Russia.
Its about time Lubavitchers returned to their real levush the caps that Chassidim wore until World war 2.a kosheren und freilichen yontev

guest said...

by the way, not all of them are pcitured with yarmulkes.
it seems like it was not just a fad of the lubavitcher rebbe zatzal.

סנעג said...

A grayse yaser keyach for the post.

Re comments by Reb Zalman -

Writing here alone will not help. We need the hat stores in the frum areas to start carrying the kasketen and hayche yarmulkes from the past. This should be combined with a advertising campaign showing gedaylim like the Chofetz Chaim, Rav Simcha Zelig, vechulei, wearing such headgear (kasketen) and Rav Mayshe, Rav Aharon, Rav Schach, Rav Michel Yehudah, vechulei, in hayche Yarmulkes. 'Wear the hats and yarmulkes or your zeides and elter zeides' could be on an ad with photos of amcha Yidden fun amol in such hats. 'Wear the headgear of the gedylim' with photos of gedaylim in them.

At the same time, heintige gedyalim might be encouraged to wear them, to help fuel the trend. R. Malkiel Kotler shlita should wear a hayche Yarmulke like his zeide Rav Aharon, and same for other RY's.

And biezras Hashem, we should be zayche להחזיר עטרה ליושנה!

סנעד said...

Noch a zach.

I have seen that some young people are wearing the amoliger yarmulkes on Purim. I would like to be mevarer that they should not be worn as a Purim costume, if that means that they are made a joke of. Chas vesholem. They are far a gantz yohr.

However, maybe some people are not secure enough yet to wear them a gantz yohr (lemoshol, they may think that it is only for gedyalim - which is not true, amohl even poshute baale batim wore them, not just gedaylim, as can be seen in old photos - and who am I to be loveish such a choshuve beged). So if they are wearing them on Purim because then they feel more free to do so, okay. But it is not like a clown or gorilla costume chas vesholem, which is not for regular wearing.

סנעג said...

טעות סופרים

השם צ"ל סנעג למעלה, ג במקום ד

Zalman Alpert said...

I agree with the statemetns above, but what can we do when rov of Charedi Jews are of Hungarian, Galician, and Yekke background.
The roshe yeshiva should be enouraged to start wearing the Litvishe yarmulka instead of the zeidenem version worn by Polsih and Galicianer.
As far as the kasket goes , the first place for thes eis in Lubavitch. Most of the Bnai yeshiva peopel today are of Hungarian extraction and they need big and fancy things.