Tuesday, February 11, 2014

אזוי ווי דער בעש"ט הק' בימיו - וויזשניצער רבי פארט ארום און איז מחזק אידן אין אונגארן - היום לפני 80 שנה

הביקור ההיסטורי בהונגריה לפני 80 שנה

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dovy said...


yaakov leizer gets money and zalman lein gets p.r. win-win for everybody

rebcharles said...

lets stick to the BaShreibung Le'Fonei'nu.

Zees vi Tziker is Vynig Gezugt.

Khaval Al D'Ovdin, an entire Yiddishkeit iz Avek, and not coming back anytime soon.

וויזניצער חסיד said...

זעט אויס אז אמאל איז געווען א חידוש אז א טיש פרייטאג צונאכטס האט זיך געענדיגע חצות, און אז שבת אינדערפרי דאווענען האט זיך געענדיגט צוועלעף אזייגער, שוין מיט הוספות יעדע דריי פסוקים.

borsher chosid said...

Viznitzer chosid
the long friday night tishen in Viznitz, the Imrie chaim started...
I was told that when he was in Belgium after WW11 the tish lasted till dawn

Anonymous said...

It's strange that you bring this up.
Didn't you read שוחרי השם בהרי הקרפטים ?

The entire Viznitz chasidus was built by these travels beginning from Reb Mendele of Kosov.

According the book the VR was banned by the [Austrian] Hungarian government from visiting Maramuresh for many years.

Traveling by tzadikim was one of the major phenomenon by which chasidus spread to Galitzia and Hungary from the very get go. So your headline is puzzling.

In all mesiras by the maskilim to the Austrian gov. they always asked for ban on travel by the 'tzadikim' Most Viznitz chasidim only saw the Rebbe when he came to see them in their towns.

My father a"h regretted all his life that when the VR passed by his town, and he was 5 years old [or so], his own father was out of town. The VR was just changing trains and in middle of night, but the entire town rushed to the train station to see the VR. My bubbe hy"d begged my father to wake up and go see the tzadik but he, being a small child, refused to get up, so he never saw him again. All his life he retold his regret of not getting up.

Yosef 718

Munkacher stem said...

"שוחרי השם בהרי הקרפטים "
whats your take on this book, its written novel style? is it 100% accurate?
Is the translation from Magyar censured?
did u hear of it before it got translated?
He is basically saying that Viznitz kashered that part of the world, till the Sigeter family came in to their turf..

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


did I ever say that this was not common for Vizhnitzer Rebbes? all I did was bring the report!