Friday, February 21, 2014

stuff for כ"א אדר

Meet the Oelbaums, proud descendants of the R"R Meilech

Meet Rabbi Moshe Pinchus Weisblum, בא"ב

A niggun of the Rebbe Reb Meilech that was sung in Klimovitch, White Russia by Chassidei Chabad and recorded by Reb Shmerel Feldman, ע"ה. Recorded here by a kid with a great voice.


Anonymous said...

the kid is dudi hertz

it is from this cd

Not a Harry said...

זייער שיין

וכו' וכו' כהנה וכהנה

yankel said...

I once heard a tape of Reb Osher Zelig Margulies singing a song of der Rebbe Reb Meilech, coudld be this one. I think ubelechtecha baderech sold it. He also sang a song that he claims the Yidden sang when going through the Yam Suf. (I guess he didn't watch 'the prince pf egypt' where they have a different song.)

Forty eighter said...

Lipa had a song of reb usher zelig on his Leila tape

Anonymous said...

gan eden mamosh