Friday, April 4, 2014

בן יכבד אב link


Shtop Gantz said...

still remember his father well from Helmetzer shul on Penn street,at the early morning minyan.
very quiet person, always minding his own business

nem tudom said...

Ich hub gechapt petch fin zein zeiden Reb Lazer A"H.
He was a melamed in Tzeilem. A geshmaker Ingerisher yiddel. In di Babeh Esther (if I remember) what a choshuve rebbetzin.
Beautiful family!!!!

yoffe said...

Seems you like Oberlander a lot
Must be because he is one of the few Lubavitcher who are talmidei chachomim

Anonymous said...

Remember him well at his son Rabbi Burich's weeding in Oholei Torah, dancing etc. Yes, seemed classily balebatish, quiet yet congenial, & seemed to really connect with his mechuten, Rabbi Lazar from Milan. The fact that he was not Satmer but Pupa(?) may have made it a more vareme situation. (this is during "those days" when the memory of Williamsburg terrorism was still quite fresh).