Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How Reb Menachem Meir HaCohen Blau made it his life's mission that every Jew know about the Rebbe

Reb Meir Blau was the son of the הרב חיים משה יהודה הכהן בלוי - the מו"ל of the many Sifrei Rishonim. Reb Moshe Blau was a Mirrer Talmid, but he was also a brother-in-law of the Rebbe's mazkir, HaRav Chodakov. The latter was the one who was mekarev RMYHB to the Rebbe. Reb Meir wanted every Jew to know about the Rebbe, but there was one problem: The Rebbe could only reach so many people. 770 could only hold so many people. So he harnessed the power of the day, newspaper and Radio, and did all he could to let people know about the treasure to be found at 770. Seems like out of his own pocket. He also provided busing to some farbrengens, and later created the Crown Heights Hotline, which to many of us was the lifeline to 770 back in the day. You might say that it takes a Litvak/Yekke like Rabbi Blau to recognize what the Rebbe was and the need to "share" it with the rest of the world. If I may be so bold as to say that the Russians wanted the Rebbe all to themselves. They did n't want o share with "outsiders." 


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KikesOnBikes said...

Amazing and heartbreaking

Yosef said...

Thank you Reb Hirshel for your article.

Yosef Blau (Toronto)

dz said...

Can someone explain the license plate?


stam ayner said...

can you get the link back? recording is gone.

Chabad Chossid said...

It was his car that he would go throughout boro park and Williamsburg announced announcing the farbrengen on loud speaker hence the picture of the permit for hassidic announcement in the 66 pct which is the boro park district

Fact checker said...

Are you sure he was Litvak/Yekke stem??

איינער אזא said...

פשיאאאא! ממש א צדיק! מפיץ געווען דער פארטיי אויפ'ן גרעסטען אופן! דאס הייסט מקיים געווען רצון ה', נישט דורכ'ן מפיץ זיין תורה, נישט אמונה, נישט עבודת ה', נאר מפרסם געווען זיין רבי'ן!
און דאס איז נאך זיין הספד!

William Robbins said...

How Reb Menachem Meir HaCohen Blau made it his life's mission that every Jew know about the Rebbe

Why didn't he make it his life's mission that every Jew know about Hashem?

שלום פוי-געל said...

! כסדם היינו, לעמרה דמינו

בעל"ז בנשיאות כק מירא"ן דבעלז

פרקליטות מחוז ת"א (פלילי) הגישה לפני זמן קצר כתב אישום לביהמ"ש המחוזי בעיר נגד 6 מורים בבית ספר "תלמוד תורה מחזיקי הדת דחסידי בעלזא" בתל אביב: אברהם מרדכי רוזנפלד (49), ישראל חיים שפירא (65), חיים פישגרונד (69), משה הירש (39), מנחם אלברשטיין (62) ואברהם פנחס דייטש (53). כתב האישום כולל את העבירות הבאות, כל נאשם על פי המיוחס לו בכתב האישום: התעללות בקטין על ידי אחראי (ריבוי עבירות) ותקיפת קטין על ידי אחראי (ריבוי עבירות). בנוסף, כתב האישום מייחס לרוזנפלד מקרים רבים של מעשה סדום בקטין מתחת לגיל 16, מעשה מגונה, סחיטה באיומים ואיומים. העבירות בוצעו כלפי 22 מתלוננים שלמדו בכיתותיהם של הנאשמים לאורך השנים

Wannabe Chossid said...

For those questioning why he chose to publisize the rebbe and not hashem c"v.

Firstly lets clarify the idea wasnt spreading the rebbe persay as much as it was to spread A. the teachings of chassidus being tought by the rebbe. B. the calls to action that the the rebbe would in order to awaken jews tot he service of hashem.

also i would assume that having grown up in a truly distinguished Litvishe home, - his father (who also later became a devoted student of the Rebbe) was one of the ilyuim in Mir of his generation - he probably realized that there was much to gain in chabad, and by the rebbe, even for a person who is already very Frum.