Thursday, April 6, 2017

2 letters full of love for a fellow Jew from the last REAL Vizhnitzer Rebbe

First let me thank the person who shared these letters; then some background: The first letter is a response to a bachur with some breitkeit, to say the least. ראה מעשה and he wanted to know מהיכן דנתוני. A young bachur was called up on Shabbos to serve in the "טמא'נע מיליטער זייערער" as the KJ Satmar Rebbe likes to so eloquently put it. This was during the buildup to the Six-Day War. He knew he would be there for a while - he didn't think there would SUCH great nissim - so he approached the Sereter Rebbe during the tish and asked him whether or not he should take his tefillin with him. This being Shabbos and his Tefillin are muktzah and all. The Rebbe told him to take his tefillin. The bachur was a talmid there but not necessarily such a chossid, and he saw the story unfold. He wrote the Sereter Rebbe a letter asking him why, I'm not quite sure what his arguments were. Maybe since Shabbos is an אות by itself and the tefillin he needs are for a weekday. Here is his response:

The second letter - also to this bachur - is in response to a letter he wrote about being yelled at during a tish as well. Maybe even asked to leave. Seems like he said something to his friend and the latter laughed. At that time maybe they were a still bit uneasy in Seret with the new Rebbe. This was less than 3 years after his father passed away and the transition was a bit - shall we say - unsmooth. So they accused him of laughing at the Rebbe. The young man sat down and wrote a letter explaining what happened and this is the response he received. No excuses. Torah is all about love of fellow Jew and kiddush Hashem. And this why I said what I did in the title. Because Vizhnitz was all about love of fellow Jew, not so much about hats and glasses and socks. I have always had a secret affinity for Reb Lazer of Seret, and these letters just make it so much stronger. This was his manner of leading his flock from the very beginning until his last day on earth.


Chief Rabbi. said...

HT: "to serve in the "טמא'נע מיליטער זייערער" as the KJ Satmar Rebbe likes to so eloquently put it"

Israel is one of only a few countries in the world with a "mandatory military service requirement for women".

Women comprising over 20% of Israeli forces in 1948, and 33% of all IDF soldiers and 51% of its officers, in 2011.

Before the establishment of the state, women served in combat roles in the militias that would become the Israel Defense Forces. The rate of women who took part in 'combat' organizations stood at 20%.

Channel 2 news (2017): Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, of the IDF pre-army religious academy:

“They recruit them to the army, where they enter as Jews, but they’re not Jews by the time they leave,” he said. “Not in the genetic sense, but all of their values and priorities have been upset and we must not allow it.”

“What happens if there’s a female company commander? This is a question of madness, it belongs in an insane asylum,” Levinstein said. “This is an Orthodox girl. Put aside those who are secular. They’re making our girls crazy.”

!והיה מחניך קדוש ולא יראה בך ערות דבר ושב מאחריך

דן יעל said...

ניתן לדמות זאת ליולדת שהתירו לה לקחת
דברים כדי להרגיעה ("שמירת שבת כהלכתה", פרק מ,ע) – וכך גם לחייל. בוודאי שלקיחת התפילין תסייע לשיפור מצב רוחו

cw said...

Interesting 'synergy' aren't r' aron and the sereter rebbe's related?

Yippie said...

The flower child pop-hasid preacher artist "full of love for a fellow Jew" a relic from the 60's or pre war Romani-Jews.

Vote! said...

"the REAL Vizhnitzer Rebbe"

Will make viznitz and America great Again!

C.C. Beit Shazir, Kfar Chabad said...

"full of love for a fellow Jew from the last REAL Vizhnitzer Rebbe"

During his lifetime, Rabbi Hager was known as someone who spoke out forcefully against lashon hara, and that he served in the IDF. He "enlisted" in the local religious division of the Hagana pre-state Zionist militia. He saw active combat in the War of Independence, including fighting around Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, and was wounded during one battle. His commanders famously praised his "enthusiasm, courage and sacrifice." (ahavat Israel).

Moshe P. Havlin said...

My kind of hero! from an IDF per·so·na non gra·ta to the "the last REAL Vizhnitzer Rebbe" ..

mustard seed said...

Hirshel are you spreading hate or love ?

"Rabbi Kotler responded (to reb Ahron T.) with rehashing the Chassidic-Litvish disputes from over 30 years ago, according to one source, and went on to mention a known Litvish rabbi in Bnei Brak.

According to the Lubavitch blogger Hirshel Tzig, Rabbi Kotler "said something like 'they're not part of Klal Yisroel'." (as reported in"

W. said...

What happened to Hirshel Tzig!?

the 7 year itch again ?