Friday, June 1, 2018

Good old-fashioned Tolner-Chernobler Ahavas Yisroel


The Skverer Rebbe has a few words on Ahavas Yisroel from the holy Reb Duved'el Tolner. Some of you may be surprised by this (by the Skverrer repeating it) in light of recent happenings in Skver to the contrary, but here it is, black on white. Read them and see what Chassidus was trying to accomplish.

Which reminds me: This Yom Tov I encountered a Rebbishe kind who lately feels sick of the hate machine of a certain Hungarian/Rumanian chassidus, and for example their general gatherings and 70th year celebrations of their leader.... He learned in their Cheder and was bullied for being a Rebbishe einikel from a different "hoyf," which shall for now remain nameless. They used to harass him by lunch break, like, "say with your mouth that Chaim Kanievsky is s zionist and will go to gehenom." Or say "Chaim Meir Viznitzer is a Tziyoni." I explained to him that these kids are good boys, it's only one person's fault, and it's all in his books....  He did not chap the reason of saying nishtakcho is because of the ahavas Yisroel of chassidic seforim. I had to show him inside and how all this hate was manufactured. 


ל. אשכנזי said...

הדבר"י ז"ל סיפור שהיה פעם אצל הרבי מגור בערוב ימיו כשעלה לתורה, ועשה ע"פ טעות ברכת אשר יצר במקום ברכת התורה. ושגיאות מי יבין

Anonymous said...

Shame on u

the humble me said...

humbly accepted.

המחדש said...

הצאנזער-קלוזש רבי (החדש) מנתניהו, אמר בחופה את ברכת 'אשר קידש ידיד מבטן' במקום 'אשר קידשנו במצוותיו וציוונו על העריות'. -בחדשות