Friday, June 22, 2018

The Brisker Rov wanted the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe to come live in Brisk in 5691/1931 (Full article, as promised)


Help said...

Is this the Brisk the Rebbe got invited to?

A Town with Four Names;
Recollections of life in Poland prior to World War II.

"Most of the youth in Brisk unwittingly became "idealists" because of that uncertainty about our future. To establish a future that held out something better than second-class citizenship and the increasing misery, nearly everyone belonged to some organisation, whether it was "Gordonia," "Betar," "Poale Zion," "Bund," "Mizrachi,"
"Masada," etc. The Communist sympathisers, and there were many of them, did not declare themselves openly. For that, they could easily end up in the nearby
concentration camp: Bereza
Kartusk. "

Bitul hayesh betachlis said...

Slightly misleading headline. It is mere speculation on behalf of kfar chabad in the name of Meller. It doesn't say which Rebbe they were referring to. There were many displaced Rebbes after WW1.

The Brisker Rov was extremely careful in his titles. Writing to a Rebbe as המפורסם בגאונותו ובצדקתו means that he personally does not know about said גאונות and צדקות.

call me Dave said...

As a layman I would like to know the difference between a promise and a vow, if there is one.

Yeshivas Toras Emes bazaar said...

The current Chortkover Rebbe invites all of his chassidim to live in Oilam H'atzilus. The Rebbe still has only one chossid.He is extremely loyal(the chossid), and recently donated Del Monte fruit cocktail for the peiros tish. Long live the Nation of Chortkov!

yonty said...

cant enlarge it for some reason

כבש לעולה said...

ההרים והגבעות יפצחו לפניכם ברינה וכל עצי השדה ימחאו כף, דער עולם נופש'ט אויף איין זייט וועלט אין די רבי'ס אין רביים אויף די צווייטע זייט, ביידע האבן מנוחה ושמחה אויף א וויילע

וירא מנוחה כי טוב, גייט מען באזוכן די "ציגעלע פארם", זוחלים ורועדים "מיום בואם" פון פאר א יאהר, זיי דערמאנען דעם "ראש כבש" אונזערע טעג זענען גיציילטע די קצבים גרייטן זיך צי, און גייען צי שפרייטן אונזערע געביינער אויף "סעיל" און אללע גאסן, ציג ציג דיינע טעג זענען גיציילטע, קום אפיהר למה אתה בוש לכך נוצרת

ויסע כצאן עמו וינהגס כעדר במדבר, וינחם .. ובתבונות כפיו ינחם