Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Rebbe's קנאי

9 Kislev marks 44 years since the passing of Reb Uriel Zimmer z"l.

Some of his life's accomplishments:

Spoke 17 (!) languages

(at a UN function)

wrote for Lubavitch and "Der Yid" at the same time!

(Booklet on Mezuzah)

Translated the Tanya into Yiddish.

l-r: Unknown, Reb Uriel, Reb Pinye Althoyz, Reb Yaakov Yosef Raskin

RUZ was a devoted Chossid of the Rebbe despite being so anti-State, and maybe because of that.

Read an Article in The Israeli weekly "פנים אל פנים" after his passing.

(Photos courtesy of Shturem-Chabadnik and other sources)


zealot said...

RUZ was a well-known member of Neturei Karta. Now you made him one of yours too?

oich mir a zealot said...

zealot, what an idiot you are. did you see the pic of mezuza booklet? did you see pic with lubavitch chassidim with (gasp) white hats?????

oich mir ah zealot said...

it's common knowledge his relationship with Rebbe. It's not a chidush nor is there any controversy as far as i know.

zealot said...

fair enough oich mir, but why not explain to me how the Rebbe could at the same time embrace the heads of state and its biggest opponents?

avremel said...

to be fair HT, I don't think "der yid" was in Satmar hands at that time yet, at least not fully.

vml said...

There was an article in kfar chabad about him I believe(could be that it was in bais moshiach). The Rebbe snared him in via r'tuvya bloy and there were some letters from r'zimmer to r'bloy in the article.
R'Zimmer was a very interesting fellow.I think he was a ba'al teshuva from Vienna, WHEN it was not very common.That explains how he could be neturei karta and later develop a relationship with the Rebbe.For the last couple of years he lived in Williamsburg. He died childless and young after battling a serious sickness.Vechal al deavdin

I think he meant said...

Chaval AL d'avdin

n said...

ht, nice post....tanya in it reprinted today? any commentary or a straight translation...actually looking for something in yiddish for a child....

Hirshel Tzig said...

I know my brother has one volume of the yiddish. It's basically a straight translation.

Board Of Directors said...

White hats?
This Picture reminded me of the Alter Mirrer pictures / Pictures of Mirrer Yeshiva Talmidim learning in "The" Mir, Shang Chai, and Kobe Japan.

avremel said...

the difference is that the "Alte Mirrers" wore white hats and were all cleanshaven. I just thought I'd point that out.

Board Of Directors said...

Thank you.

FYI: Not all of them were clean shaven, although MOST of them were.
But I can tell you that 99% of them grew beards and Peyos later on.

Kurenitzer said...

Reb Uriel was born in Vienna and was an expert in languages.
He was an editor in Jeruslaem of a right wing Aguda periodical. I think he met Lubavitch while serving as a correspondent in the UN.

DER YID was a Satmarer paper as the Satmarer rebbe bought it from Aaron Rosmarin (husband of the alte Dr. Trude Rosmarin) in app. 1956.
I wonder if he really was the editor or if R. Sander Deutsch really set the tone ?
In any case Rav Zimmer wrote a wonderful anti Zioinst tract in London which sets forth the Torah view of a Jewish state.
Present day kanoim have yet to improve on it.
I understand he was crippled from childhood and suffered greatly.

c said...

"But I can tell you that 99% of them grew beards and Peyos later on."

Alter Mirrers grew peyos ? Beards yes, but peyos ? Of course they were not oveir on the issur peiyos, but you saying that they grew Chassidisher type peyos ?

Hirshel Tzig said...

Reb Chaim Shmulevitz did not

Reb Nochum Percovitz did not

Reb Lazer Yudel, so-so, like very bushy sideburns

Reb Avrohom Hirsh Kamai hy"d the Mirrer Rov seemingly did

BUT THE BOCHURIM?! מאן דכר שמייהו

Board Of Directors said...

THE biggest Alter Mirrer, Harav Hagoen R' Shmuel Berenbaum Shlita (Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva) has peyos.

BIG peyos.

(By the way, do Chabtzniks have Chassidish style Peyos?)

Hirshel Tzig said...

Today he does, yes. Look at old pictures, then get back to me.

Hirshel Tzig said...


do I read correctly? You call the anti-State book by UZ "wonderful"?

Kurenitzer said...

Wonderful book. Prof Saul Lieberman of JTs once attended the convocation granting a honary doctorate to Dr. Gerschom Scholem the leading scientific scholar of Kabbalah.
critic asked Reb Shaul what he was doing there as he (Lieberman believed kabbalah to be nonsense, so REb Shaul said yes Kabbolah is nonsene but the study of it is a science.
Yes I believe that anti Zionism is absurd , but the writing on it and quality of writing can be wonderful. Reb Uriel wrote English well, he marshalled his sources. His style was nice vechuli.He wrote nicley but in this case on the wrong subject.

avremel said...

ah, yes, Saul Lieberman, the pride and joy of SLABODKE!

Anonymous said...

great post. i will be back to read some more.

Not a Harry said...

Rumor had it that after the Rebbes stroke those who tended him discovered he had peyos