Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Uplifting The Sparks In A Cookbook

I wanted to let the blogging community know about a fantastic new Chabad cookbook that was just published. The greatest thing about it is that it provides an alternative to the Spice and Spirit, since we all know that is the main cookbook we all use. The recipes came from a great cross-section of people, including many non-Jews. For once, here is a Chabad cookbook that has recipes other than traditionally Jewish foods.

Where else can you find kosher recipes for:

Kung Pao Chicken
Traditional Curry
Cola Chicken
Hash Brown Casserole
Stuffed Green Pepper Soup

It is definitely worth checking out (Link Here)!


Anonymous said...

I just saw this mentioned in L'Chaim Weekly. Thanks for the info.

tzibaleh said...

& don't forget, tzibaleh adds loads of flavor.

MEKUSHOR said...

Good point Tzib!

Anonymous said...

Why do we insist on erecting on new divisions between our communities? what's wrong with a Lubavitcher woman using a Satmar cookbook that she must use her "own?"

Anonymous said...

To anon:
Chabad women do use other cookbooks. Sheesh. What's 'chabad food' anyway? Would you people stop being so very narrow minded?

Itzhak Schier said...

Satmar has cookbooks in English? If anything I suspect Spice and Spirit is used in Williamsburgh as well. These cookbooks just happen to be put together by Nshei Chabad or similar groups, and because Chabad has attracted people from all over the Jewish world, the recipes in the Chabad publications reflect a great deal of diversity.