Sunday, June 29, 2008

Miller Letter

I fail to see what this adds to the conversation, but here it is:


Anonymous said...

every week a another letter where are the copies of the checks to support telshe!!!! Lets all see those!

Anonymous said...

Im still trying to figure out the first letter. You gotta have a Phd in yeshivisha poiltics in order to figure out whats going in tealzsh.Im still holding in the sugya of Rav gifter leaving Tealzsh Shtain.

Theres gotta be a sefer out there on telzsher politics that puts it down so the hamoin am can understand.

Anonymous said...


This blog has become a haimishe version of Failed Scotty. We don't need an English version of Ponim Chadashos.

And you are attracting the same host of misfits and malcontents that Sad Scotty attracts, thereby giving them a voice and enabling them to spread and reinforce their loserschaft. What is more, this blog is considered legitimate and they use its veneer of legitimacy to validate themselves.

Is this why you came to Lubavitch? To become the online English version of the Ponim Chadashos? It, too, dredged up garbage from every community and bashed everyone else out there in order to prove that Chabad is the best.

In the end, Chaim Shoulson (the infamous and lamentable baal Ponim Chadashos)turned on Chabad and reported Chabad internal politics as well until, from what I understand, Eli Teitelbaum A"H among others showed him for what he was. Now, his sad broadsheets, run off as they are on Xerox paper, are not even worth a laugh.

Every Chassidus, yeshiva and community has its problems. It's called golus (and some of the problems are the flip side of tremendous growth). Reporting on them and mocking other communities is no way to end this golus.

Unless you can solve the problems, there is nothing gained in airing them to the world, 99% of whom, like myself, do not care about what goes on in Telshe or Chaim Berlin as we have enough dreck to deal with in our own immediate communities.

Let the losers rant on. No one of any significance listens to them. Most are borderline mentally ill and need help R"L. The way to combat them is not to sink to their level.

As the Lubavitcher Rebbe told Chaim Shoulson: "You should write good things about Jews for a change". You started out on the right track and then started to climb into the sewer. Time to climb out, and leave the rats down there to fight each other.

Until then, Saygec Arosz, Bacsi!

Zabel Eusky said...


Golus was the RESULT of our problems - unless we air out and fix what's wrong, we can't expect anything better.

Blogs like these are bringing about something like "Open Source Yiddishkeit", where under the scrutiny of enough eyeballs, the bugs are fixed and security breaches get closed. We're not there yet, but Tzig, FM, and even UOJ and others are doing a commendable job regardless of the issues and psychotics that come up.

If you don't ever smell the stink in the sewer, you won't ever pursue cleaning it up. Until, that is, it's your own toilet that backs up, overflows, and spews drek all over your once-shiny personal little world.

Anonymous said...


UOJ is dealing with REAL issues such as molestation in the wrong way. Failed is making up and exaggerating issues as he regurgitates news articles and adds biased, bitter commentary for his minions to comment on.

This blog is dredging up obscure disputes and presenting one side of the story. That is Ponim Chadashos at its worst. Ponim Chadashos did nothing to clear up anything; it just aired stories such as this real or imagined Telz dispute in a one-sided fashion.

And at the end of the day, those who can make the changes do not read the blogs except to become inflamed by the tone, language and disregard for halacha that characterizes them.

That just makes the problem worse.

Anonymous said...

hey cool.
who else is on that beis din and when did they open up shop?
rsm always used to write his letters on the kollels staitionary...

Anonymous said...

Itzhak Schier
I look at Tzig post as a hemshech of the great orthodox newspaper Yated Neman in Israel found by Maran Harav Shach Zt"l with the mantra of covering my tinofes and uncovering your tinofes (heard from the Woodridge Rov)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous, I happen to agree with you 100%. And that is why I complained.