Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shmuley Tells It Like It Is

"Chabad is the last great hope for the Jewish people, and we are all in its debt."

Obviously that's not all he says there, but if you're looking for some groundbreaking statement or expose on Chabad, forget it. It's just not there. Yes, he mentions that there's infighting in Chabad, and that some Shluchim have trouble getting alog with their employees, but what else is new? Why should I bother with that?

See For Yourselves

Anyone Here Disagree? With The Great Shmuley?!


Anonymous said...

When it comes to "The Great Shmuley" the operating wisdom is glib verbiage but absolutely no substance.

And, if The Great Tzemach thinks SB has anything of worth to say let him discuss it on his own blog rather than cajole and insult those who disagree.

Meir said...

nobody reads his blog, and he wants people to argue with

schneur said...

And here I thought (under Chabad influence ???) that Mashiach was the last great hope off the Jewish people.
Perhaps Freud or Jung an assist us here.

The Bray of Fundie said...

Allow me to repost from a different thread:

I disliked Shmuley's article for the following reason:

he critiques the Ego and lack of bitul Hayesh but IMO he is the biggest egomaniac Lubavitch, and maybe K'lal yisroel, churned out over the last 30 years.

Forgive me for being skeptical of his sincerity but his every move seems to be dictated by how best to maximize his own exposure, fame and income.

He's really one to speak about ego. A true נאה דורש ואין נאה מקיים

emes said...

Nearly hate to say it in context of my own views of Boteach, but ---kabel et ha'emet mimi she'omro: in tis article he is unusually right on.

The Bray of Fundie said...

Look, I'm not a Chabadnik nor a resident of Crown Heights. I can neither corroborate nor deny the validity of his charges.

I can tell you though that coming from him they are rather galling.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

There are plenty of people one can quote from as far as what is owed to chabad they certainly do great work. Why do we need to look to Shmuley for any inspiration is beyond me

PSOL said...

Shmuley is truly unique, he was thrown out of Chabad for being too crazy.

Who knew that such a concept exists!

schneur said...

Why do you ignore hi statement which is the most crucial part -- that growing number of Chabad youth is leaving the fold ---
If this is true what makes Chabad a serious option in kiruv if its own people are leaving, why join a movement thats losing ground.

Hirshel Tzig said...

I wouldn't say it's losing ground, but it IS a real problem. No question about it. I wish I had the solution for it.

shloime miller said...

It's all a question of relativity, not to mention perspective. To a self-styled expert like schneur with a little ax to grind, the increase in chabad youth going otd is 'proof' of some sea-change underway !! Never mind that there's no evidence that any more of chabad's youth leave than any of the litvishe or chassidishe yeshivos. Sorry to confuse your program, schneur, but might you actually have some real evidence/statistics to support your wishful thinking ?
Or are we supposed to believe it simply because you say so ?!
A fine statitician you are....indeed.

schneur said...

To the Toronto Rosh Hakollel: I said "if this is true" and its not me who made the claim its one of your own, the shliach many other schluchim modeled them selves after.
My program is not confused because I have no axe to grind , I do not belong to a political party. I understand why teens and others wish to leave the dried out materialsitic frum society we are wittness today where all that counts is kavod , money, PR and materialistic maases.And I praise these teens for being Anshe Emes and disturbing the peace!!!
But I must say no ther Chassidic group is out there hustling for recruits taking people to CH etc and what can these new potential recruits see there .. teens smoking on Shabbes, and houses where such people get together to smoke the Besht's pipe, all under the rubric of Chassiduth.

Anonymous said...

Hirshel Tzig said...
I wouldn't say it's losing ground, but it IS a real problem. No question about it. I wish I had the solution for it.


I guess it can be said we're getting places.