Wednesday, September 28, 2011

כתיבה וחתימה טובה לשנה טובה ומתוקה

לכל בית ישראל בכל מקום שהם

I thank you for your patronage and for making this a year full of good conversation and discussion. I hope the coming year can be even better, more thoughtful and more productive. May Hashem bless each and every one of you with געזונט, פרנסה און נחת, and may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life and have a very good year in all aspects. I would've liked to post a more holy picture, not just the fun part, but this is what I could do at this time.


Anonymous said...

And more yiddish

Anonymous said...

Same to you! ksivah va'chasimah toiveh l'shuneh toiveh i'msikeh.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

more Yiddish


uchony kotter 770 said...

Eib se'iz meglech zol di Milch zein abiselle frisher afn kumendikn yohr. Der emes iz az zoiere milch hot nit kein taam.Di ketzellech vintshn eich a gut yohr.

מענדל said...

א גוט געבענטש יאר בגו"ר בהתקשרות לאילנא דחיי מתוך שמחה וטוב לבב.

grainom said...

A gut yohr!

burech said...

No comment on the passing of R'Menashe??

Interesting note that I never knew:His oldest is a frum cardiologist from Canada, mezivug rishon

Kesiva vechasima toivo to all

מענדל said...

א קארדיאלאג פון קאנאדא?
איך קאן אים פערזענליך, א וויילער ת"ח טאקע א דאקטאר אבער ער וואוינט ניט אין קאנאדא.

grainom said...

letter of the year!

Anonymous said...

"Interesting note that I never knew:His oldest is a frum cardiologist from Canada, mezivug rishon"
I think he lives in Pittsburgh, and he is in a university, but also a big talmid chochem

Anonymous said...

I know it is yemai horachmim, but it is important to mention the important news.
Wisenthal center in CA bought a letter of Hitler dated 1919, in the letter he writes about of his desire to annihilate world Jewry(YMS).
I hope it puts to rest the charadie conspiracy that Hitler only started his killing plans after the WJC congress boycott of Germany.

Buchwald of NJOP dances with his girls on YouTube said...

When the late Shlomo Carlebach would sometimes welcome some women onstage he was denounced, but when Ephy Buchwald posts videos of himself dancing with sexy girls in his shull, no one barely notices.

Now of course doing kiruv and outreach to secular Jews is vital, but Shabtai Tzvi also tried to lure in the Jewish masses by OPENLY abandoning Halachic tznius and Torah morality standards by becoming a much too "loving" rabbis!

A video that's been up for a year already but gets some attention at this time of year is alarming for what it depicts. (It was briefly featured on NBC's Today Show on September 29, 2011! Jewish Treats' Rosh Hashana Video Featured On The Today Show! BUT only AFTER the latest AISH video that beats the NJOP one and that's without any dancing girls at all!)

Subtitled as "Once Upon A Time, In The Month of Elul..." the sexually suggestive video's name "Soul Bigger (The Rosh Hashana Song)" matches its content, not surprising it was concocted by "Seymour Public Relations" probably with all those tzedaka dollars Buchwald zealously collects.

See it for yourself, it's 6 minutes and 11 seconds long: ""Soul Bigger (The Rosh Hashana Song)" and decide if a self-respecting Orthodox rabbi who support from Haredim like Rav Dovid Kohen of Brooklyn as his "posek" should expose himself (good pun) like this:

From the 2:34 (two minutes and 34 seconds) mark to the 3:03 (three minutes and three seconds) mark Buchwald welcomes the hot sexified dancing guys and gals to his "shull" -- and there they proceed to perform a type of chorus-line mixed dancing that is obviously appealing and designed on Broadway musicals, with some of the girls twirling their mini-skirts to reveal their ample thighs -- all for the sake of kiruv and outreach since that seems to be the "heter" (religious allowance) for an everything goes show like this.

From the 3:45 mark to the 4:27 mark Buchwald gets even more involved with the dancers as he joins them with clap dancing and whooping at the top of the staircase, with his nervous sidekick Yitzchak Rosenbaum nearby, as the guys and gals go wild with their early "hakafos" dancing. Mercifully no women are seen dancing with Torahs in this video but one young lady joins in as a shofar blower. But this video is not about just that, it's about exploiting sex appeal, not so subliminal here, as a tool to sell religion in this case Buchwald's agenda for "rescuing souls" for Orthodox Judaism.

This is all supposed to be "Preparing for Yom Kippur"!

In case you doubt the origins of this video it's posted in the NJOP "JewishTreats" spot on YouTube, and the credits at the end of this video go to "NJOP Jewish Tweets and Treats" that at the 5:20 mark names who's "starring": "The Yetzer Tov [sic] Trio" with its sexy dancing gals in minis and loose tops especially the one who whirls and wiggles her body, winks her eyelashes and waves her finger naughtily throughout and at the 5:32 mark: "Rabbi Ehpraim Z. Buchwald [and] Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum"!

You've come a long way kiruv-baby! What's next Playboy bunnies singing Chanuka songs and The Rocketes selling Pesach? -- If anyone can pull it off, Ephy Buchwald can!