Friday, December 21, 2012

פרסום ראשון! גילויים חדשים מזקני החסידים

The clip we bring you here makes its debut here on the blog. These are recordings of telephone conversations that the interviewer - שלא מאנ"ש - had with Reb Avrohom Mayorer. The first 15 minutes of the recordings that we have. RAM had a shaychus with many non-Lubavitchers, as you know. Reb Avrohom's Yiddish could be difficult to understand at times, but it gets easier with time. Truth be told, the conversation could be difficult to listen to at times, because some of the questions are not what a young Lubavitcher would ask from RAM were he to have the opportunity. But ultimately, these questions needed to be asked, no? This is a 15 minute sample of many hours. There are more of these discussions with other Chassidim as well. So, go out and buy your copy now!

Please enjoy.

The following press release was issued by Rabbi Chaim Dalfin:

We release never before historical information about what happened in Lubavitch 100 years ago. The information is related by the venerable Chasid, the Mashpia, Reb Avrohom Drizin-Mayorer who learnt in Lubavitch during those years. Reb Avrohom says it the way it was without holding anything back. To truly understand Lubavitch today these CD recordings are crucial to listen too.

ראיון עם ר' אברהם דריזין-מאיאר

 *סיפורו של אליעזר שטיינמאן *ר' אברהם ור' שלמה חיים *ר' חיים יונה רצה שר' אברהם תהי' ממקושריו אבל לא הסכים
*ר' חיים יונה ידע אמרי בינה, כוח המשיכה שלו, חוש בנגינה *הלל'קע למד בחברותא עם אלתר והשפיע לו הטעם וריח מר' מיכאל דער אלטר *מס"נ של ר' אברהם לאדמו"ר מהריי"ץ *זלמן פלדמן אביו של זעליג פלדמן, צבי הירש גורארי', נטע פינסקי
*הרש"ב לא רצה שהרד"ץ יסע לא"י מפני החיצוניות של הירושלמים *בחב"ד כל רבי הוא קודש הקודשים אע"פ שיש סדר בזה
*דרכו של ר' אברהם בהנהגת הישיבה בלוד שונה לגמרי מהנהגת הישיבה של ר' שאול ברוק *החילוק בין ר' משה מרדכי עפשטיין ור' ברוך בער, הקאמינעצער ראש ישיבה *ר' ברוך בער חשב שלאחר פטירתו של הרש"ב החסידים יקבלו אותו לרבי!
*הרב שמריהו גורארי' בליובאוויטש ובפאקינג *מעלות ר' ניסן נעמענאו ועבדתו, שמר עצמו במחשבה דיבור ומעשה
*ר' אברהם אמר על ר' יואל כהן שהוא "א קאפ, א גאון ומסר לגמרי לאדמו"ר" תפלתו של ר' יואל כמו גרונם שעיקר עבודתו בידיעת החסידות *הרה"ח ר' שמואל גרונם אסתרמאן: מעלותיו וחסרונתיו בעיני תלמידיו *

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been there said...

so please analise for us did the frumkit 0f the descendents of RAM(D) grow under the leadership of RMMS???
do hey have any shaiches to the shmussen of RAM
or his offspring's are the proper example if r noach weinberg saying that the first percent is missing

Anonymous said...

Shame on you

Despite being one of the wealthiest jewishe familes i met personaly teyrre einclach.

Not certain other krazen would be able to overcome the nisayon of momon as they do

Vos Viestu said...

Been there
they are good jews for what they went thru in their youth by the communists,

been there said...

I thought lubavitch won the Communist onslaught , and for sure the American thaves hamumen
but if you are day dreaming how reb burech ber wanted to be a chsidisha rebbe (without Geirus and hatufes dam bris)then america is nisht andersh vie rusland

Meor Berlin said...

Been there, do u know RAM's children?
Can u name them?
Do u know his grandchildren?
Look at your own family... Vedal.

Life saver said...

Been There
"I thought lubavitch won the Communist onslaught "
they are tiere yiden, and nobody claims that Lubavich won, get a life

Anonymous said...

Rabboisi, please be intelligent. First thing, listen to the tape, it's a glimpse into a true Lubavitcher Chasid.

Cherish his words, style, expressions and heart. Reb Avrohom was a one-of-a-kind yid and if you'll take the time to listen to his 10 Cd's you'll be in a higher, healthier and better world!


Anonymous said...

Been there and Meor,
Instead of showing your ignorance kabel am ve'eyda, just take one minute to look on the internet and you will find plenty of einiklach yereyim veshleim!

here is two of them, chasidishe yiden who don't waist their time on the internet but take their time to be mekarev other yiden el avinu she bashomayim:

Zalmen Drizin

Zevi Kugel (Ur einikel of RAM)

moshe moshel said...

Was the rebbes phone bugged too?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

RAM's phone was not bugged, if that's what you're implying

moshe moshel said...

1. Gevein a shtudirte
2. Gekatchet di bord
3. Gilernt nigle um shabbis

3 reasons R' Avrohm Mayor gave to chasidishe yungeleit from Lakewood as to why there was hisnagdus to the Rebbes nesius.

Anonymous said...

His grandchildren include:

Shloime and Rivka Kugel, Upper West Side (cousins - both are grandchildren, parents of Zevi Kugel, Yisroel Kugel, Faya Lipskier)
Dovber Pinson (kabbala)
Moishe Pinson (askan, Beis Shmuel, mikve)
Shmuel Kaminetzky (Dnepropetrovsk)
YY Kaminetzky (historian)
Mendel Morozov ("energy healer")
Chaim Drizin (b'Reb Mendel) - author and activist/businessman
Ahuva New (Florida)
Dena Schusterman (Atlanta)
Mrs Denburg (Florida)
as well as Zalmen Drizin
Mrs Katz (Wall Street)

91605 said...

he makes it sound like you guys used be be aware of something called shemiras einayim. you cant do that while standing on the sunset strip giving out candles...

nayvoyner fan said...

is tzvi drizin who went to the cheder in la a grandchild?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

but you can do it shopping for ties at Armani, right?

91605 said...

never shopped at a place by that name.

are you implying 2 wrongs make a right?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I see only one wrong, shopping for ties, when you can be doing "kiruv." A bachur who gives out candles because his Rebbe the Tzaddik haDor told him to is in no spiritual danger (if he guards his eyes from seeing irrlevant evil)

91605 said...

Dude, man up and ask any honest yungerman who gave out candles in time square or the sunset strip in LA if they never had hirhurim etc.. From being in those places while doing mivtzoyim. Get real.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

I had hirhurim this morning on the Monsey bus. And it had a mechitzah!

91605 said...

1. If he's not in danger following orders why the need for shemira, as you wrote? 2. If you had hirhurim through the mechitza, you have a hetter of מאפיל בטליתו and should have taken care of it this morning. After alos ofcourse.

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

now you're getting too graphic. and a bit creepy too.

91605 said...

If not in danger, why the need for shmira?

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

there would be a need for shmira were they going to the strip for any other reason, like to buy Armani ties.

Kvoid Kedishes said...

Hirshil, if shmira works why label ONLY lubab Rabayim kvoid Kedishes
isn't it this over kill?
who dosnt know that they are the Only ones who should be respected for their Kedusha

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...


I don't get your question

select profile said...


An Ailemesher said...

Didn't listen to the tape yet, but anyone that thinks that Reb Baruch Ber desired to be a Rebbe of chassidim, has no connection with reality and no shaichus to learning. RBB was interested in teaching Torah to his talmidim, period.

kovner said...

Please do your duty and transcribe those CDs for all of us who find it hard to listen to him...

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

my duty, he says...

where do I find these hours, Kovner?

Anonymous said...

If you viewed the blog as your "shlichus" you'd find the time...;)

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

only if I could collect like a shliach, Moshe. So far no such luck.

moshemoshel said...

Have you tried? You got to be more agressive than just a paypal button on your site.

Anonymous said...

is tzvi drizin who went to the cheder in la a grandchild
Grandchild or great-grandchild - probably the former as I don't think any of Reb Avrohom's son R' Chaim-Itche Drizin's children settled in LA.

When was he in cheder? I know there is a Tzvi Drizin out there but I can't remember who he is or how I know of him.

Shmorots said...

Some other grandchildren
mendel levin, baal chesed in crown

moshe drizin of crown heights

moshe kugel of crown heights

yitzchok new, australia

fishel grosman - la

Moishe Levin, rosh yeshiva bucharim kfar chabad

Yosef yitzchok Segal, mashpia lubavutch yeshiva migdal ha'emek,

dov drizin
shliach in NJ

Family Acquaintance said...

fishel grossman

Yosef yitzchok Segal

They are either married to grandchildren or they are great-grandchildren.

The original family names of the grandchildren, with first names of RAM's children in parentheses are:

Drizin (4 sons, Sholom Ber, Mendel, Yisroel AH and Chaim Itche)
Morozov (Mrs Chana AH)
Kugel (Mrs Freeda) -> only sons
Kaminetzky (Mrs Doba)-> only sons
Pinson (Mrs Rochel AH)
Levin (Mrs Yehudis AH)
Rubin (Mrs Leah)