Monday, April 29, 2013

...ויתנהו למעלה למעלה

If you haven't much time you can go straight to page 9... link


Drelnak said...

he went higher higher and then he crashed.

Reb Hirsh said...

It is almost as though he was born by means of an immaculate conception, with nary a mention of his bio dad.

Replace the 'lecht' with the a 'manger'....and the transmogrification is complete.

A time said...

Reb hirsh
today with bonie Oilam we dont really need fathers, its just to keep the last name..

מתפלל said...

This Brachah is for the father of the baby, (the next Brachah is for the "Rach Hanimol")
הרחמן הוא יברך "בעל ברית המילה", אשר שש לעשות צדק בגילה, וישלם פעלו ומשכרתו כפולה, "ויתנהו למעלה למעלה".י