Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The wartime activities of the Munkacser Rov, Reb Barukh Rabinowicz, זצ"ל

From YU's Kol HaMevaser. By Akiva Weisinger


Moshe Moshel said...

A great nephew looks out for his kin once again.

The recently republished edition of binas nivonim has a beautiful letter from R Yitchok Leibovitch of Woodridge fame to R' Burechel.

Unterlander said...

all the comments are from Family, but there is I thing that bothers me, that all the info of Reb Burechel's hatzola work comes from his own sefer. Doesn't he sound like he blows his own horns,(did he not hear of the possek Yehallicho zor Veloi Picho)
there is also a point that the writer is not mentioning, Munkach and the region was not led by the Munkacher Ruv, he was officially the Rav,and made a lot of noise on the international scene. But most of the town were not his chasidim. Spinka, Visnitz and b
Belz had more people in that town, then his own chasidim of his bies Midrash.They were listening on all matters to their own rebbes in far flung places.

moshe moshel said...

If you ever bothered reading R' Burechels writings, he wrote his perspective of events, far from tooting his own horn.

Anonymous said...

As in his previous article about Reb Boruch’el, here the author goes again with his inaccuracies
He attacks Jelinek and writes
[xxxiv] Tellingly, Jelinek does not even take the time to get R. Barukh’s name right. R. Barukh’s full name was Yehoshua Yerahmi’el Barukh Rabinowicz, not Barukh Yehoshua, as Jelinek has it.
Wrong! His name was indeed Boruch Yehoshia Yerachmiel and not Yerachmiel Yehoshia Boruch
Get your facts straight!!!!