Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"כד יתבין ישראל"

משיחת ב שבועות תשכ

Credit: R' Yehoshophot Oliver


KYY said...

Kad Yasvin

yankel said...


So, what's the story here??
What, i have read and heard,r'meir ashkenazi did not make the shiduch between rebbitzen rishel and r'shneour, i, think this is fantasy land, they probably did not know each other, (but who knows, right?)
What i understood was that r'schneour got engaged before the war, and managed to get out to the zeideh r'isser zalman in eretz yisroel, rebbitzen rishel got to shanchai and stayed in the house of r'meir ashkenazi during the war (so maybe they did know each other?)after the war and a seperation of years r'shneour got married to his kallah.
now, who is the eynikel of r'meir ashkenazi who married into the kotler family??
btw, i"m not convinced that r'meir ashkenazi was lubavitch,i heard so from someone who should know.obviously he had a connection to lubavitch, even according to my source.maybe he married into a lubavith family?? his son he sent to eretz yisroel from china and he went to toras emes.

yankel said...

btw, shoulson has totally lost it lately.he fabricates stories, with tiny kernels of truth,making it literally impossible to trust one word he writes on anybody e. the man obviously gets a kick from his infamy

Pro Lifer said...

So whats your problem stop reading him and get a life

a response to yankel said...

Yankel, oops, i mean mr. know-it-all,

R' Kotler's son, R' Shrage, is married to a great-granddaughter of Rabbi Ashkenazi, the former Miriam Cohen.