Monday, May 20, 2013

"כי שניהם יחי' בערך אחד"

This letter was published on "respectable" sites like HydePark's closed BeChatzros forum, so I have no issue with publishing it, especially since the recipient didn't do what the the Shotzer Rebbe asked of him.


Chakaver Rebbe said...

The Satmar part of his family (Rottenbergs)portrayed him as the big Satmar chosid,but it seems it was not Besieser Kebagoli(Nusach Munkkach)

Fred said...

Chakaver what are you talking about?

He could have been a big Satmar chossid but he also held of the KR.

No stirah!!

Unknown said...

kvoid harebbe
stam gishosen a statement? I was a mispallel kovua never ever did the ruv zl or anyone in the family proclaimed even biremizeh that he had any chssid-connection with satmar, everyone knew HE'S belz!
btw this letter publication minuses a lot of his so-called gadlus at least to those who didn't know/remember him, simply by measuring n scaling gadlus of to ppl, klain keppeldig! bimechilas kvoidoi, actually he probably didn't know really personal both of them, but lemaasa this is a typical belzer nusach VD"L

Chakaver Rebbe said...

you are not a youngster if you davened by him, but in the seforim that they put out they try to make it equal
I know the truth but there is a lot of revisionism going on

Unknown said...

dear rebbe
what's young/old considered by you? definitely I'm not a teenager or shono rishoino, now which sforim are you talking about?
btw you probably heard the expression on uvdes of the previous REAL tzadikim "your not an apikores by not believing on a mofes if its true or not" but " you are an apikores if you don't believe that it could of happen

moshe moshel said...

Why wasn't it destroyed by the recipient as explicitly requested?

JustWondering said...

אבקש לדון את המכתב הזה בשרפה

Do you think he would approve the pirsum here

ענדע צדיק said...

קיין ווארט נישט אויפן חתונה פון דער יארהונדערט?!

Chakaver Rebbe said...

Anonymous JustWondering said...

אבקש לדון את המכתב הזה בשרפה

Do you think he would approve the pirsum here

the original was definitely burned, but thank god they kept a copy.
Their is too much revisionism going on, on 1 side of this issue, their are multiple story processing machines churning out daily lies upon lies,but all are 1 sided, all are building 1 person on the back of others. All gedolim were Satan, Achov,Eirev Rav,Money gobblers, just 1 person that Hashem saved out from Europe thru the help of some Zionist, is the Moshe Rebiene of our generation.
Its a big Zechus for the Shotzer that this letter survived.

Kovner said...

Did the shatzer know them both personally that he could determine that שניהם בערך אחד