Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We finally get to hear from our side about the East Ramapo School District

After a nasty, untrue hit-piece in in NY Rag, I mean Mag, that would make Julius Streicher proud, followed by an appearance by the author of that piece on Mr. Lehrer's show, Aron Wieder, former member of the much maligned ERCSD school board was given some time to rebut the lies. That's right, lies. And they continue to get away with them, again, and again, and again. You think any other group would have a headline like this written about them? Not even OBL or the Taliban. And the comments? man, they scare you to death, knowing there are so many people out there that hate you for no reason other than they're prejudiced against you. They may give you that weird smile or frown when they see you in the stores, but they'd just as soon see you hanging from a tree or loading into a boxcar. You think I'm over the top here? read the comments. Most of them don't live there and have no idea about what goes on there. They just believe the lies because they want to. Shame on you, Mr. Benjamin Wallace-Wells for adding fuel to the fire and for feeding the haters.

 H/T:Alexander Rapaport of Masbia

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Masbia Admirer said...

Reb Sender is a Tzadik, he is the Reb Yeshayele Krestirer of our generation.
I wonder if his picture chases away mouse too?