Thursday, September 18, 2014

וואס שטופטץ עטץ ענק? מיין שופר בלאזען הערט מען ב"ה אויף דער גאנצע וועלט

This story is from Reb Shulem Brander in ספר תכין לבם page 77

כידוע how in Belz everything was אויסגעהאלטען ע"פ הלכה

but what do we do little mentshelech understand?


Reb Hersh said...

The story doesn't really say everything that could have possibly transpired.

It is very possible that the person ended blowing the shofar him and he was yoitze in a tangible way.

And the point of the story is to demonstrate how powerful those tekiois are and how there are bnei aliya who are attuned to them.

And if are wondering what he meant with ' I dont need to hear them' is merely an expression of the aforementioned points. Not a halachic ruling.

Yoishev Besieser said...

Reb Hersh
your effort to be apologetic for Belz is appreciated, but if you read the lines and between the lines, you see different. I dont know how much of Belz you know, but in the later years Of the holy Reb Aron in Israel, this Rebishe Tekias shofar replayed in a different version,maybe on a bigger version.

Mink catch said...

Nor ayn bluz